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1st February 2011, 18:06
That is what I call it when I experience what I did lastnight. I suspect that I am not the only one who scours the information superhighway for tidbits and morsels to further understand the changing going on around us. When we find answers on a subject, it usually opens the door to multiple other subjects and questions. And we go through those doors boldly finding more answers and more questions. And when you look at the big picture, the dots seem to connect themselves. And the big picture is a huge canvas. Normally for me its not to hard to organize my thoughts and knowledge. However, lastnight as I shut down my systems and filed everything I aquired for the day my brain was in overdrive. I went to bed and put in my ear buds and played a focusing session that I created. Two hours later I gained no ground on centering and clearing my mind. Everything was swirling around me in a sense. I was completely overwhelmed and in overload. I was in the eye of the storm so to speak. And the harder I fought it, the more violent the storm became.

Finally I gave in to it and stopped fighting it. And eventually, mentally exhausted I passed out and slept for a few hours. The question I would like to throw out here is:

Has anyone else experienced something like this? And if so, what was it like for you?

1st February 2011, 18:30
Has anyone else experienced something like this? And if so, what was it like for you?[/QUOTE]

Hey there: This is a common occurance for all the information available these days! From my humble perspective there is way to much info that a person has to follow in order to make sense of it. In a matter of a second we find out what is going on in north america, then south american, then asia, then central asia, then europe. Everyday we are bombarded with information overload. For myself somedays I just don't follow the info since I do not want to get overloaded as in the past.
On topics that are a real concern to myself I simply file them in a folder and go to them when I feel that it's time to continue the search and understanding. If I was to continue each day finding out new info on each subject I wouldn't be able to sleep at night since there are too many things going on to take a piece of you. My sleep is very important to me so that I can function at the top of my game so sometimes even ignoring subjects that might be important is better than not sleeping.
When I first started reading, learning and hopefully understanding what I think is going on I was unable to sleep and now I can sleep like a baby. Overloading on information imo is not worth it since it can cause ulcers and other problems. I believe the world can wait until tomorrow. If it can't then that is life!
Good luck and get a great nights sleep....life is too short to be worried about everything
"If you can't do it today....there's always tomorrow"

White Rabbit
1st February 2011, 18:42
Interesting timing... I am in my own internal storm right now and know that one more thing will send me over the edge running and screaming in a blind fury. To avoid that... I think I will back away from the mouse and simply sit at my bedroom window and watch the other storm outside... Maybe the internal storm and the external one will cancel each other out and the internal one will finally subside.... I certainly do not see the external one subsiding for at least 24-36 hours and only after it drops about another foot of snow and then top it with the ice... oooh yippie pppppht.

1st February 2011, 19:26
Very true, and very good advice. That is exactly what I do, I step away from it and go into my workshop and work with my hands. I sometimes feel guilty like I am skipping a day of work or something rofl. And you are right, what cant be done today can always be done tomorrow. And if it all hits the fan before tomorrow comes, then we will have arrived and know everything we were searching for anyway.

1st February 2011, 19:29
The love we withhold is the pain we experience. - Alex Collier

You have all this information and desire inside you. Time to share it with others or create something that reveals the turmoil inside.

Peace :)

1st February 2011, 19:37
I have, and recognize it for what it is, more information than one is used to receiving. The starvation of truth in our real world on the news, makes us seek and seek and seek, until all the answers and new questions overwhelm. The message to shut down and take in is important and you should listen to it, as it allows the mind to process. We aren't machines, we create thinking machines. They hold more than can be processed at this time in our live, but after practice of doing it for more than three times a week, I was able to overcome the "jitters" set an 11pm schedule and go to bed just processing until I go to sleep. Hot cocoa helps.

1st February 2011, 19:49
Worry is just proof of doubt or lack of faith, that the good of man will win for the future. So keep in mind that many others like us in the search, are awake and any links can always be provided when there is a question.
Experience is the key. Imagine how God feels when he receives all the information.
Rest on the faith, and lean on the Lord.

2nd February 2011, 11:01
Hey Whitehaze!

I know all to well what you experienced. The more we travel down the dark road the more we'd prefer a handrail:P

It's happened to me on numerous occassions. I'll be browsing away, searching for morsels of info on whatever subject has my attention that day, and it will lead me inexorably to another subject, then another and another and so on. It does get quitre hectic in my brain when that happens, as i frantically join strands and connect dots. I had a thread on the old forum revolving around a set of connections that i'd made that i'd not seen mentioned before, and sebsequently, had so many of these eureka moments that i just can't get thewords to fly out of my fingertips.

Usually need a few days away from the froum when that happens though as any new info will threaten the state of the picture in my mind. I've always been blessed with the ability to see the big picture in whatever i do, but sometimes i need time to fit it all in.

2nd February 2011, 16:31
I remember growing up on our farm, where I got up in the morning blasted through my chores by 10am and the rest of the day was mine. The days were slow, lazy and seemed endless back then. Fast forward to the present, and the days are zipping by at incredible speeds. So is the information that we come across on a daily basis. Some of it new, some of it old that we just didnt have access to. The human brain can handle about 1000 processes/computations per second before it starts to overload. Overload translates to STRESS which is the brains way of slowing you down and letting you know its too much. Now I dont worry about the things I read and view, as nothing really frightens me or troubles me. But my adictive personality causes me to push the limits of input. This is not a bad thing most of the time, but with all the information coming in some is bound to be overlooked or lost in the translation until a later date. The brain does have a speed limit, so when overload occurs it is our way of issuing ourselves a speeding ticket rofl. SLOW DOWN

2nd February 2011, 19:50
A close friend told me once (paraphrased) - "In your pursuits, the moment you reach a threshold where the information becomes to much, and not a moment later (and you will know when that is), put it aside for later. When 'later' is, and that too you will know, that information will become invaluable. And not a moment sooner.

Also, I find that meditation and and appealing to the universe for the means and ability to comprehend the information allows me to wake up having comprehended the knowledge, while discarding the tripe. ^_^

White Rabbit
5th February 2011, 03:24
Thank you to all who have interacted on this thread... i did not start it, yet i have benefited greatly and discovered a very dusty dormant 'thing' that is bringing back some things that were an integral part of my 'long long ago'. The part of my life that I created to thrive! Amazing how insidiously these important parts can get squashed... I am just happy that I am now remembering and with that... reactivating is very possible!

White Rabbit

5th February 2011, 08:28
I'm on the other side. I feel at peace in my mind because my heart has awoken. I know I am Love, that is Love. I don't know how else to say it.