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19th April 2010, 23:07
This was posted today on George Kavassilass's website.. a letter from Randy George to PC. apparently he emailed this to them, so maybe they have read it already but i'll post it here, since it's not that long and i find it very inspiring, for all to read.


Dear Kerry and Bill,
I first want to say I really appreciate your journey. My discovery of your work on the Project Camelot
site in early 2008 definitely served as a huge trigger in raising my own awareness in my journey back to balance. I would definitely not be where I am now without your journey. It's proof that we all absolutely need each other to get back to being in harmony and balance. You are both without question two absolutely amazing souls on a very noble journey. I have a short message also. I am interested to know if you have ever been sent an email similar to this one before.

I am not a "whistle blower" as you define the term. But I do intend to water a seed. This information
comes from my own heart, the ONLY place where I feel real truth can be accessed. This message can beperceived as being totally invaluable, but also could be completely useless, depending on the vibratory frequency and harmonic spectrum of the perceiver. However, I do feel that both ET and non-ET agencies that are currently intercepting your email will be interested in this message.

The organic Earth-born human embodiment is the most genetically advanced and superior biological
design in all of creation, encompassing the entire multi-dimensional Universe. The only "problem" is
that we agreed and chose to incarnate on Earth at this time knowing that we would have no memory of that fact and every other being "in the know" down here in the 3rd and 4th dimensions would be absolutely set on exploiting that remarkable detail.

The only truth that ever really mattered is that WE, organic Earth-born humans ARE the TRUTH. EVERYTHING else is a distraction... a divinely co-created and highly entertaining distraction, that WE designed to prepare those of us who are ready to merge back with balance/harmony/oneness, and to simultaneously clear Mother Earth of the souls that aren't ready. WE are the show. Every single one of us is more powerful, more magnificent, more beautiful, compassionate, courageous and miraculous than any visiting ET race would ever lead us to believe. We embody the ENTIRE Universe within our physical bodies. No other ET race can claim such a thing. That is OUR birth-rite.

No visiting ET race or representative, not even the "benevolent" kind, is ever going to spill the beans
and reveal this fact. That information is only going to come from inside us organically incarnated Earthborn humans. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Ra would be saying the same thing if He were to appear now, had internet access and felt compelled to use our primitive communication methods.

Thank you for your attention and for allowing the words to flow in. In that moment we connected. If
you resonate with this knowledge, please do what you feel is best with it. The world is about to
experience a really entertaining show... And WE are the STARS.
Love and Blessings,

20th April 2010, 09:02
Grace, thank you for posting this. Very important message IMO. :thumb:

20th April 2010, 10:39
..(snip).. We embody the ENTIRE Universe within our physical bodies. No other ET race can claim such a thing.(snip)

I agree with the first sentence above but I'd like to know where the info for the next sentence comes from. Anyone have any idea?

20th April 2010, 10:57
As I have said elsewhere on here, we ARE very unique and as I have also said were here before the universe. Not as shocking as it sounds if you take into account how the universe changes as to our perceptions of it.


20th April 2010, 12:53
Hmmmmm, I've always felt a sense of feeling from the past , I do feel if we were taught to meditate more when we were little and concentrate our energies into perhaps moving things with our mind, bend the boundriesm instead of playing with toys all the time we would be for the better of ourselfs. I do agree that we are incredible, to feel an electric in your heart from love and yet produce physically. To be able to look into a soul thru the eyes of a human being and feel that with one small touch. Much light , compassion, and colletive energy to perception into reality. What a ride this is !

Kerry and Bill , I feel you have achieved your mission in making many aware in which we spread word to our purpose here, Many Thanks from Michigan

21st April 2010, 19:11
This doesn't really resonate with me. It sounds like egotism, ie: "We are unique, we are better, we are blessed and you ARE NOT!!" Where have we heard that before (over and over and over again?) Yes, the human race has unique gifts, but I think all ET races must--they are equally the Creator's creations, are they not? What is it that wants to always be "better than"?
To me, this is more indicative of the collective "wounded child" of the human race.

21st April 2010, 19:14
As I have said elsewhere on here, we ARE very unique and as I have also said were here before the universe. Not as shocking as it sounds if you take into account how the universe changes as to our perceptions of it.


Care to eloborate.....??

21st April 2010, 20:27
I found this letter beautiful and comforting
it is comforting as it is a reminder of the amazing (mostly latent) powers inherent in the human soul-
to awaken into this knowing is the mighty challenge.
And this can only be done through the heart.
Living and seeing through the heart lens carries no-judgement. love and acceptance of self. and love and acceptance of others.
Seeing with compassion gives one a full understanding of another's journey. of our own journeying. What an amazing consciousness..perhaps, at best, we catch glimpses...

So much of our journey at this time is to awaken a deep love and respect for self....to feel worthy.
we are so often told that this is the "prison planet". This serves to feed our victim mentality...

describing organic earth-humans as containing the multi dimensional universe does not suggest "better than" to me...
it was a reminder that we are connected and are a part of all that is (and will be).
it is about awakening to this knowledge and power at this time. using this awareness with responsibility.
to take responsibility for our actions. to see with the heart.

thank you for the post grace

24th March 2011, 03:53
I really don't know when this letter was written as I can't find a date. Anyway I think it's interesting and somehow I see a resemblance with what Dolores Cannon says.

The letter (actually there are two of them) can be found in his website http://georgekavassilas.org/

Any Comments?


Dear Bill and Kerry,
I was inspired again to write to you (and your interceptors) after listening to the audio posted of the
latest conversation with Dr. Bill Deagle. If you or any others were interested in what I wrote to you
before, then I return again today to share some more. On the same token if this message does not
resonate with you, please feel free to discard it. Its purpose will be served regardless.
There is a split occurring within our collective consciousness. The split is not between good and evil. It
is all about balance and imbalance. There are two intertwining sequences of planned events that are
occurring in the time and reality that we occupy now. The first sequence of events are a divine set of
events that we, as stewards of this Universe, have co-created in order to carry beings who are ready to
return to oneness with creation back to the balanced state of being and ultimately into the birthing of a
new consciousness. The second sequence of events, occurring concurrently with the first, but on a
different vibratory level, is meant to carry beings wishing to remain in a state of imbalance away from
Mother Earth, so that the birthing of the new consciousness can occur unhindered and without
interference on any level.
Large groups of beings will be guided to follow one sequence of events or the other. Because of this
split, there will be people resonating with certain information as truth and others who completely do not
resonate with the same information. In the grand scheme of creation, there is no right and wrong. Each
multi-dimensional being is having the experience that he or she wanted. When a person resonates with
information as truth, they are headed down the path (with or without millions of other beings) that is
best suited for each of them as multi-dimensional beings on their soulís journey.
The difference between the two sequences of events that we are all participating in is that one sequence
can be changed, manipulated, guided and interfered with and the other sequence of events is fixed and
can never be tampered with.
The sequence of events that can be manipulated is our collective perceived reality, which we "think" we
can alter by our creative will. It is also the sequence of events that has been predicted, plotted and
orchestrated for the past 6000 years by beings representing imbalance in the Universe. This sequence of
events will include the physical, scientific, logical, and technological patterns of understanding, which
the overwhelming majority of beings in the 3rd and 4th dimensions resonate with. I refer to this as the
"free will" sequence of events.
The sequence of events that can never be manipulated is the construction of our greater beings/higher
aspects/higher selves, which is the greater reality that exists in the dimensions above the veil of illusion,
our limited perception based on sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. This sequence of events is based in
the non-physical, spiritual, and perfectly balanced (light and dark) connection with the universe, that is
meant to carry the beings who have chosen to unite back into oneness together again with creation and
to finally enter a new exalted state of consciousness. I refer to this as the "divine" sequence of events.
Everything discovered through scientific method OR through spiritual method, is the truth. Both are the
truth, because WE are the truth. If we created it collectively or individually on any level or to any
degree, then it's the truth. The beings that some of us perceive to be in "control" here in the 3rd and 4th
dimensions are specifically here to create divisions in our existence so that the consciousness will be
drawn towards the sequence of events revolving around imbalance. If a being resonates with the
"divine" sequence of events, he or she will instantly know that there is nothing wrong with the world. If
a being resonates with the free will sequence of events, he or she will only see right and wrong, justice
and injustice, etc. Ultimately, there is only balance and imbalance. Good and Evil (duality) is a
framework to guide beings along the path they have chosen.
Thus there are two sequences of events based on perception and vibratory frequency.
This information absolutely comes from the heart and I feel is the same information contained within all
of us. It will not resonate with some beings because they will wish to resonate in the vibration of duality
for a few more cycles (time) until their souls have reached a place where it feels it has achieved the
understanding of what it means to be one with creation. Because there is a split in the consciousness
toward two perceptions of the events leading to 2012-2013, there are details of the grand story that are
currently being released to draw attention to one or the other.
I would like to take the opportunity in this communication to share some of my own experience. I feel it
to be part of the "divine" sequence that I release this information now. I have been physically, mentally,
and psychologically abused and tortured by certain reptilian beings that believe they are in control of the
"free will" sequence. They have done everything in their power to prevent me from speaking out, but
they will continue to fail because I operate in a vibration that is completely foreign to them. If we
choose to remember it, we all are actually more powerful than any controlling being or body. We are all
sovereign unto ourselves individually and no being in their right mind would ever challenge or oppress a
sovereign being, especially one that embodies the entire Universal existence.
Planet X/Nibiru is currently residing on the other side of the Sun. I have traveled with my consciousness
and have seen it for myself. There are also three other planetary bodies that are orbiting nearby the Sun
that are vibrating outside of our visible and electromagnetic spectrums. On my way toward the sun, I
passed these three planets none of which were Venus or Mercury. Planet X has it's own propulsion
system and is orbiting the Sun at a rate synchronous with the Earth so that we can never see it. It is
hiding behind the Sun. When the time is right, the red planet will present itself.
The information coming forth about the brown dwarf star approaching from Scorpius is meant to
confuse and divert attention and skew perception. There is nothing wrong about it, but it is a fact of
reality that there are many planetary and celestial bodies that exist in space heading in different
directions that we can't see with our eyes or with radio telescopes. If you can see beyond the veil of
illusion, you will understand this.
The big picture of what is really going on here on our beloved planet Mother Earth will be revealed to
us. It will come bit by bit, when we are ready for it. It has to be delivered carefully because we first have
to graduate through the vibrational frequencies of the forces that are "controlling" us in order to see the
deceptions that have been created within this vibrational paradigm, which we chose to exist within. This
information will come forward and it will come through us, organically Earth-born humans, not through
scientific discovery or by using our modified reptilian psychic abilities, but through our intimate
connection with creation... through our hearts, not through our heads. We will then realize that there
are two sequences of events going on and no matter what happens, everybody will get to where they
need to be going. There is much more going on here than meets the eye. It is beyond good and evil.
Love and Blessings,
Randy George

Bill Ryan
24th March 2011, 04:04
I really don't know when this letter was written as I can't find a date. Anyway I think it's interesting and somehow I see a resemblance with what Dolores Cannon says.

The letter (actually there are two of them) can be found in his website http://georgekavassilas.org/

Any Comments?

Note: Randy George and George Kavassilas are two different people.

26th March 2011, 07:54
Randy forgot the mention Moses when he was talking singularity as a "HE"