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20th April 2010, 09:59
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Ok so determinism may rule the physics, while free will may rule the metaphysics. (metaphysics being simply: “beyond physics”)

Curiously, the New Age proclamation of “going with the flow” is akin to determinism, or perhaps more accurately, the choice of accepting determinism as the limiting factor. in the same manner, free will is akin to resistance -- i.e., resisting the flow. perhaps, a curious interpretation worth investigating...

therefore my understanding is this... determinism and freewill can coexist and that maybe freewill could not be if not for determinism factoring in?

maybe the only way to develop freewill is to have a structure within which it has to 'rebel' against just like a kid trying to grow up and become theirself. not only that but it is also a protective mechanism just like a child has family rules he/she has to start out in...if there weren't a basic foundation of determinism to keep a relatively stable environment, would any kind of experiencing be possible?

im using childhood as an example bcos most of the time whilst thinking about these kinds of things i feel like a kid turned loose in a Toys R Us and darting from one thing to the next not knowing exactly what this game is for or that piece of equipment if for, yet wanting to give it all a try! :)

peace always