View Full Version : Rocket fuel in water and David Letterman?

5th February 2011, 09:09
Okay guys and girls,

I was watching David Letterman the other night and his routine stand up act at the beginning brought up something interesting. Rocket fuel in American drinking water, and the reaction he got was just unbelievable, everyone started applauding and even David had a reaction to it and told the crowd "you should be horrified".

I have been looking for a youtube link but nothing found yet. I have however found the Shows transcripts.


00:04:50 This is one of those only in america stories.
00:04:54 Apparently now we are doing some testing fing drinking water around the country.
00:04:57 And it turns out that in our drinking water rocket fuel.
00:05:03 (Laughter) I was expecting a bigger reaction.
00:05:07 (Laughter) apparently you don't have a problem with rocket fuel.
00:05:13 Why not.
00:05:13 A little rock et fuel.
00:05:15 What's the mr with a little rock et fuel, you said.
00:05:19 Yeah, rocket fuel in the drinking water.
00:05:21 And the epa now says it will take three to four years to change the regulations.
00:05:26 Hey, no hurry on that.
00:05:28 My god-- (applause) >> Dave: You'll have to stop smokinging in the tub.
00:05:38 (Laughter) honest to god f I want rocket fuel I just go to starbucks, you know.
00:05:47 But new york city, I love the tap water in new york city.
00:05:51 It's brown and foamy like cappuccino, fantastic.
00:05:54 (Laughter) rocket fuel in the drinking water.
00:05:58 (Cheers and applause) oh, no.
00:06:03 You're not supposed to be in favor of that.
00:06:05 (Laughter) you're supposed to be horrified.
00:06:09 (Laughter) there yo go.
00:06:13 By god, let's go down to washington and throw some rocks, all right?
00:06:17 (Cheers and applause) thank you.
00:06:21 (Laughter) but you know, here's the thing to do if you are worried about your drinking water.
00:06:27 And by god, I am.
00:06:29 Re's how I taste it.
00:06:30 Take a goldfish.
00:06:31 Drop it in first-- (laughter) forget that, that's-- oh, you know what, ladies and gentlemen, barbara walters has a special on tomorrow night and it's all about famous people who have had heart surgery.
00:06:46 Wow!