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30th January 2011, 19:53
I didn't see any specific thread addressing this issue (by search) so hope i'm not duplicating.

Was just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the matter. Do you experience this phenomenon. And if so, is it comforting, jarring, no big thing, etc.

For me I go through long spells of not having it, and then "presto" almost every day. I tend to think when I have deja vu, I am remembering my track or plan from my higher self. I'm sure you guys can enlighten me on the spiritually behind deja vu.

But as with anything, I am fascinated with others' perspectives of this odd event mostly.

30th January 2011, 23:29
:o 27 views and no one has anything to say about deja vu. oopsers...i guess my debut thread on avalon is a bust.

30th January 2011, 23:59
Deja Vu is believed to be a small neurological/synaptical disconnect in the brain. It happens more to some people than to others. Stress is a possible trigger as is over stimulation of some kind. Some speculate that it's a micro mini seizure.
It is spooky. I've had many.

White Rabbit
31st January 2011, 00:13
This is too uncanny for me lol.... that is something that I used to experience quite frequently when I was younger... and in the past decade (?) not so much. But I hated it with a passion because for me it was never telling of anything positive. It would start as these 'invisible fingers' of dread, it was just a 'knowing'. I learned to tune into it and could usually tell what it was going to have to do with. It was always a specific time frame... within 72 hours of the initial feeling. There was no mistaking that feeling. These episodes would encompass everything from an embarrassing moment to a death of someone close. I found that if I cleared my mind and meditated on the feeling itself, that images would come that were related to the episode.

You know what? You said deja vu and what I just wrote is not what I would call deja vu but I will leave it there.. as for deja vu, yes that is also something I have experienced, however I feel that due to my own background/history it has more to do with other parts of my mind/psyche that have experienced the place, event etc before. That as well is unnerving... for me I get a weird flushed feeling and initially feel panic until it passes. Then I just feel disoriented in my space, sometimes I will 'exit stage right' with warp speed... lol other times I just enjoy the ride.

idk... I do have some weird quirks... although until I found out that others may not experience the things I do, I thought it was perfectly 'normal'. Honestly, I still feel it is normal and that others just squash their curiosity.

31st January 2011, 00:49
Hello pinkfrost, great thread! :)

Well, this subject is very intriguing, to say the least. After numerous déjà vu experiences as well as some research done in this field, I simply could not find a proper answer to this phenomena. Then, I started discovering the illusion of space and time. We perceive these two categories differently in our daily lives. What if during the déjà vu experience our brain ( or more precisely our Self) literally breaks free of space-time?! Similar to jumping out of the cage ... breaking limitations! What if actually we, just for a split second, visit parallel dimensions, like opening a curtain to see ourselves in the future?! Just a thought ... hope it was of help!

Astra :)

31st January 2011, 01:00
This is my thoughts on Deja Vu

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And Charles answer to my question

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31st January 2011, 01:13
andrew yeah...i can relate to your deja vu. i always try to address the experience when i have them as "ah yes, this is the right place at the right time." i guess that could be naive, but that's how it feels, at least (to me). i can't say i have ever had a deja vu experience that progressively got worse, like a bad trip or something. maybe i was in a dangerous location, but the deja vu most always comes with it a warm feeling and that's nice.

31st January 2011, 02:15
Some science on déjà vu, for fun:

In the medical news website

"Déjà vu has often been described as "remembering the future" and is a very common phenomenon experienced by 70% or more of the population at least once........part of the brain that is responsible for déjà vu; they say neurons in the memory centre of the brain called the hippocampus make a mental map of new places and experiences, then store them away for later use.
They believe that déjà vu occurs when two events or places are very similar to each other, overlap and thus the feeling of déjà vu takes place."

and from the Science Daily website
"The contacts that most readily induced the memories were located in the hypothalamus and estimated to be close to the fornix, an arched bundle of fibers that carries signals within the limbic system, which is involved in memory and emotions. Stimulation was shown to drive the activity the temporal lobe and the hippocampus, important components of the brain's memory circuit"

So the deja vu occurs when a new situation is mistakenly marked as familiar when processed in the limbic system. (sentence found in a forum, not mine)

Now for more real fun:


31st January 2011, 02:21
I had a sense of deja vu a couple days back when I was reading a post. I felt like I read that particular post before. I've only experienced that feeling a couple of times in my life.

31st January 2011, 02:24
I did today. A bit of dialogue with my brother that I'm sure I'd had before, whilst a certain episode of The Simpsons was on in the background! Feels strange!

31st January 2011, 02:29
Deja Vu means different things to different people, regardless of the 'dictionary' definition.

Some people, when exposed to something they've never seen before, or even heard of, simply 'know' that they've done it before, etc.

Ever been in an older house and you know the entire layout 100%, and yet, you've never been in that place... in this lifetime?

Ever read or write something you've never read or written before, and get that strange, uncanny feeling that you somehow have done so?

Ever see an image, and absolutely KNOW that you've seen it before, and yet, also know that you never have?

Converging timelines is one possibility, or 'changes in the Matrix' (chuckle) ;)

31st January 2011, 03:10
janos, that is such a gorgeous post. yeah, j'adore converging timeline theory. :cool:

5th February 2011, 21:18
I had deja vu's when I was younger. I would see, hear or dream things that were feeling real, only to experience them, in some ocassions, years and years later. I always found it very funny when it happened. As I realized that I had those deja vu's I tried to focus on them if I had them. They were pretty recognizable because most of the times I would get some sort of notion beforehand and during I'd something feel like floating.Very strange, but pleasant. I still know some of my deja vu's and I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that the scenes, of daily life, are not scenes that resemble a similar situation which than would mirror something that would resemble a deja vu. No, they are unique and any information about this topic is very welcome. Can it be started by some technique and if yes, what would be a starting point that has worked for you, the reader of this post?


Lord Sidious
5th February 2011, 21:42
:o 27 views and no one has anything to say about deja vu. oopsers...i guess my debut thread on avalon is a bust.

Well, I was going to comment on your thread, but I could have sworn that I did already!

5th February 2011, 22:07
I wish more people could contribute to this thread ... I still stick to the theory of breaking through the fabric of space/time, jumping for a moment ahead of time in space so we visit our future. I get the same feeling of floating as described by Gustav ... also a kind of tingling sensations in my head ( so hard to describe it, though) .... I am sure one could be trained to induce this state at will, and would like to explore more as to how ... Oh, well - Humans - what a fascinating creation!

Astra :)

6th February 2011, 12:37
How great that you mention the tingling sensations in your head Astra. Not Intentionally, but I had forgotten to mention that. Wow. Thanks. Altough I must say I did not have that every single time I had a dèja vu. And yes, I concur, more info is welcome.

6th February 2011, 13:50
Here's an interpretation from this link: http://www.montalk.net/synchronicity/synchronicity.html

Deja Vu

Since consciousness is somewhat outside the spans of space and time and not totally altered when the past is manipulated via direct physical interaction, deja vu is a memory of an event you just experienced in an original timeline of which you are no longer a part, or perhaps in the same timeline before it was altered.

Some deja vu is caused by glitches in the brain's temporal lobe, but much of it is not. Watch out for changes in synchronicity, plans, and destiny after experiencing deja vu -- someone is messing with your reality. Sometimes it is for the better, and sometimes for the worse.

Deja vu is an indicator that your timeline was just altered, so the path to follow is one of caution and discernment.

Peace of Mind
7th February 2011, 19:52
What I’ve come to understand about the phenomenon is that certain events in the future had to be changed…but in doing so, the past had to be altered. This may be the cause of Déjà vu. We are experiencing a re-try. If we know time is something we Humans have made up…what’s to say that we are not using time machine technology.

I understand the scientific reports concerning déjà-vu, but the evidence has always been inconclusive. Some experiences are just way too profound. On some occasions you can actually predict what’s about to happen before it actually does…that’s if you are aware of experiencing déjà vu during that moment.

Example: I can recall one time having a conversation with a family member while experiencing déjà vu. I knew before hand what exactly he was going to say and how he was going to put his hand on the window…wiping away a stain. How can this be a result to some mild case of brain damage? If there is any damage it will probably be from not using our gifted abilities. As the saying goes…Use it, or lose it. The theory stating “a small neurological/synaptical disconnect in the brain/or glitches in the temporal lobe” suggests that nearly everyone is suffering some sought of brain ailment. I don’t think so.

I think these occurrences are subtle results of our mental abilities, perhaps some
dormant areas of our mind waiting to be unlocked… there are many things the mind can do, but the majority of us are not properly trained to do them…or believe we can.


White Rabbit
7th February 2011, 20:26
I keep coming back to this thread... and it helps me to reconnect with the parts of me that experience these types of things.... sometimes with that deja vu feeling there is a strange detachment from the body/self... as well as an influx of sensation... floating, not there, yet there... numb yet a flush of warmth or a chill...it is like I am watching me watching. There are also times when I cannot have anyone looking at me... into my eyes anyway, that part is not specific to just the deja vu feelings...

What stuck a chord is what ponda said at the end of their post... "Deja vu is an indicator that your timeline was just altered, so the path to follow is one of caution and discernment." I don't know why it struck that chord, but I am eager to learn more as well.

~White Rabbit

22nd February 2011, 20:48
Thanks ponda, I have finally read the info in the link. It is good to read this kind of info. What I am curious about. If a deja vu would be the alteration of your timeline (by a force positive or negative), is it than at all possible to induce a deja vu yourself by training?

White rabbit, I recognize the floating part. I don't really remember being detached. Could you describe more of how you're undergoing such a deja vu?

And than another question in general. What would it be called if you have such a floating senation, tingling sensation, etc without it being a deja vu? (As far as I can remember at least)

22nd February 2011, 21:03
dont know what it is, but I really like it and always try and make it last as long as possible... :cool:

dont know what it is, but I really like it and always try and make it last as long as possible... :cool:

23rd February 2011, 00:19
Hi Pinkfrost, I go through patches of it.. and it always makes me feel good. I smile and think - I am where I am suposed to be.