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The One
9th February 2011, 09:24
Can anybody tell me what they think this picture looks like it still amazes me? I got in from Google earth when looking at the area 51 base and found it by accident


9th February 2011, 10:01
looks like a few craft of one kind or another

Peta Babkama Luruba Anaku
9th February 2011, 10:15
I see a Pyramid as well.

9th February 2011, 10:16
Entrance to the underground system IMHO

The One
9th February 2011, 10:43
Thanks for that witchy1

I dont know if you can zoom in to the picture what do you think the pyramid buliding is for

9th February 2011, 11:06
A wind up.

I dont think that government secrets will be visible on Google Earth or any other non-classified source

9th February 2011, 11:11
Just one question is it on a node?

Im sorry I dont know how to find that out!

9th February 2011, 11:29
Hi The One, just did goog earth and got a closer up shot........ but I cant post it here - dont know how............. Looks like the object with the white arrow is the entrace to downstairs. The pyramid has a hole in the top I think with a pipe or chanel running down one side - so perhaps a ventaliation exit thing. the thing with the two black tunnels going in I would say is for those trucks parked outside.(thats what it looks like to me) the whole area has got very weird road type tracks all over the land and lots of what looks like little metorite divits - heaps of them - almost like the land caved in underneath

=[Post Update]=

Hi John, the entrances are often hidden in plain sight (if you know where to look for them). Often beside buildings in the cities, on farmers lands (I know of one in NZ) etc.

9th February 2011, 17:25
I have not seen this before. I see the underground entrance.

Im more curious as to what the pyramid is for?

Peta Babkama Luruba Anaku
9th February 2011, 17:31
I have not seen this before. I see the underground entrance.

Im more curious as to what the pyramid is for?

I can only surmise from what "Atticus" talked about w/regards to pyramids. Perhaps it is an attempt to re-create them. Perhaps. I am learning to leave no stone unturned and no possibility off the table.

9th February 2011, 17:41
It looks to ME like one of those Easter Island heads blowing smoke in a swirl, or maybe smoking a pipe.

I do see the pyramid and the underground entrance though.

9th February 2011, 18:05
the shadows are weird... don't exactly know how they take these pictures.. Maybe satellite, then again, maybe from a plane. Could it be that there are several images combined? Cos the sun seems to shine from two different directions. Maybe I could google it but.. nah.
Anywhoo, the place is huuuuge!

10th February 2011, 02:01
well and the google satellite pics of military locations arent live ..so its possible that you're just seeing the photoshopped version

10th February 2011, 02:11
it is so weird to have a pyramid in there, they might be recreating something from Giza. but it must be and underground base with hidden technology that of course no one knows about but them or a photo shop to keep us all talking and distracting us from real subjects.:confused:

10th February 2011, 02:35
Is that inside the base itself?

Alien Ramone
10th February 2011, 04:05
I see something that looks a little like this formation on Mars:

I see what looks like a couple of bomb craters:

I see what looks like an Earth sheltered building:

I see what looks like an opening to an underground base:

I see what looks like a bombing range targets:

I see what looks like a 3 sided pyramid missing a cap. Here is a discussion on ATS about it:

None of it looks like anything out of the ordinary to me.

10th February 2011, 13:23
Very intriguing indeed. At first I though it was inverted and beneath the ground due to the shadows of the circular object (top left) but looking at the buildings you can see the object is a crater, therefore the pyramid is above ground.

Located here (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=37.095954,-116.093039&daddr=Unnamed+Rd,+Yucca+Flat,+NV&hl=en&geocode=%3BCSWg5f8E0nKiFZjUPQIdto8I-SklOtWInzy5gDGILEhP1VwSvQ&mra=mift&mrsp=0&sz=18&sll=37.095935,-116.092932&sspn=0.002614,0.006003&ie=UTF8&t=k&z=18). If you want to zoom in more.

More talk at ATS about it here (http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread138450/pg1).

Nice find The One. It's amazing what they have going on over there, judging by all the entrances spreading far and wide and the amount of earth that has been shifted and spread out over time.

I would love a Harry Potter invisibility cloak so I could go check it all out, lol. ;)

The One
10th February 2011, 14:34
Hey terra thanks for the close up i have tried asking the pentagon, air force ,and other government agencies what the picture is and not one as replied.

10th February 2011, 14:42
Just guessing obviously but i would say exhaust vents of some kind.