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21st April 2010, 15:51
JaneBurgermeister asks questions... interesting!!! Mmmm Too many unanswered questions!!!




21st April 2010, 20:19
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Was the Polish President killed over landmark gas deal?
By Jane Burgermeister

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk is set to seal a key gas deal with Russia’s Gazprom days after the death of opponents to the contract — including Polish President Lech Kaczynski — in a mysterious plane crash in Smolensk, Russia, reports Polskaweb.

Under the contract worth an estimated 100 billion dollars – the biggest business deal in the history of Poland – Poland is to increase its imports of Russian gas.

The contract to buy gas from Gazprom until 2037 will make Poland 100% dependent on Russian gas for the next 28 years in spite of the announcement of the discovery of huge gas reserves in Poland in April just before the memorial service in Katyn, Smolensk.

Poland could have 3 trillion cubic metres of reserves of shale gas, enough to satisfy domestic demand for more than 200 years.

Europe’s gas reserves could jump 47% as a result of Poland’s gas reserves, according to the Russian newspaper Kommersant.

Poland currently consumes 14bn cubic metres of gas a year and imports more than 70% of it from Russia.

The development of its own shale gas deposits could have allowed Poland to satisfy all its gas needs, and even export ga, becoming a competitor to Gazprom. Shale gas already accounts for up to 20% of US natural gas production.

President Lech Kaczynski and many other opposition party politicians, who were killed in a plane crash in Smolensk, had opposed the Gazprom deal.

Earlier this year, Russian energy giant Gazprom and Polish gas monopoly, PGNiG, signed agreements extending gas deliveries until 2045. Under one of the agreements, Gazprom gas supplies to Poland will increase from 8 to 11 billion cubic meters per year and the current agreement will be extended by 15 years, through 2037.

But the deal was put on ice after the opposition party had threatened legal action over the contract which was so disadvantageous to Poland’s economic and energy interests, alleging „lobbying“ (bribery?).

Kaczynski said that he was „deeply worried“ about the contract which would have made Poland even more dependent on Russian gas for 28 years.

It was also argued that Poland already had a contract with Russia until 2022, and there was no need to rush into a 30 year contract.

In addition, customers in Germany could face higher gas prices because of an expansion of Gazprom’s and PGNiG’s monopoly of the production and transport of gas.

US energy companies such as Exxon have also been given generous incentives by Tusk to develop the shale gas reserves – when Polish companies could use the new technology.

A verbal agreement between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and was struck at the Katyn memorial service in Smolensk just days before the death of Kaczynski and other opponents to the deal, and formal documents are soon to be signed, says Polskaweb, asking whether Kaczynski was murdered over the gas.

Gazprom has also just begun construction on the Nord Stream pipeline, designed to pump Russian natural gas to Europe and running through the territorial waters of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

It is easy to see how Gazprom, Exxon and other energy companies could benefit from removing the main obstacles to their exploitation of the gas reserves in an engineered plane crash, though investigations have yet to be concluded and are unlikely to yield results as they are in the hands of Russian and also Polish prosecutors widely believed to be in the hands of the government.

The sound of four gun shots on a video suggest members of the crew of the crashed plane were murdered. The same video was shown, however, on Russian TV shortly after the accident without shots, raising questions about which version of the video is authentic.

This is the video of the gunshots with translations etc:

It has also emerged the allegedly dead pilot stopped Kaczysnki from flying to an EU summit in Brussels by reporting sick at short notice.

No trace of the dead pilot’s body has been found at the scene of the crash. It has been speculated another pilot was in the plane.

This raises questions about which voices are on the black box and whether the voices are authentic or not.

Photos posted by Polskaweb show the sun shining on Smolensk airfield just 40 minutes before the crash, which was allegedly due to dense fog. Photos taken one hour later show the runway lamps being changed – also in sunny conditions.

More ghastly monetary reasons for all these deaths - this beggars belief, but how come the perpetrators all sank so low in this life? Can we forgive them ("for they know not what they do")?.
Only time will tell, the compacted evils of this dimension are uncovered, challenged, and surely white light will overcome these vile manifestations pretending to be human.

21st April 2010, 20:32
Ok. I could say that it could be worse, considering It's based on manipulated (belo)russian video (you go figure). Kudos for mentioning Ewa Kopacz as the one who made the stand against vaccination (no, she wasn't on the plane, her opponents were).
Economics analysis not so good tho (Poland is using same methods that Greece used to fake books: swap deals via Goldman, thus the GDP "rise"; and we're approaching constitutional limit for debt (60%).. and outstanding liabilities at 900%-1550% GDP, biggest in EU (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/12/business/global/12pension.html), and currency has highest exchange rate to Euro in a long time (15 months), does not help export at all)

I'm attaching a Polish TV cameraman video. Read below why it's important. He actually didn't know it was Polish jet that crashed. He's making Id about 1:20 into the movie, at 0:10 you have "blackbox". Crews are arriving at the site. Vid with "shots" was relased about 24 hrs after the crash.

Equipement on board was US-made, and installed in Poland, along with 3rd "blackbox", that Russians weren't aware of. It is in Polish Prosecutor's hands. Light's and all didn't mattered, cause pilot "somehow" made 60m "plunge" about 1.2 km from airfield, at 1.km mark he cut down radio antenna with his wing tip (8m from the ground, debris was gathered there) then plane flipped to back and went to ground. These planes are well know for their robustness, especially among Mafia. Few minutes before Russian Il-76 carrying special servicemen that should secure the event nearly crashed, crew reported same left-wing roll that witnesses said Polish plane had. After that flight control requested polish flight to reroute. An hour before that, Polish Jak-40 carrying photographers and journalists landed without problems in same fog, and that plane has no electronic equipment helping the pilot whatsoever. (they were en-route to ceremony site when crash occurred, thus were able to get there as first, thats where above vid is from, and yes, many cassettes were confiscated.)
All this affair is full of question marks, true. But one need to tread really carefully to not get fed with fabricated **** . Look who is gaining, follow the money. Brussels is gaining, eurosceptics in Poland are beheaded. Washington lost truckload of loyal puppets. Belorussians are blowing the whistle on Russians (war in family? Chinese are giving awfully lot of money for Łukaszenko). Russians are scared to the point they officially admitted Katyń was Stalins murder on Polish elite (couldn't had such statement even 3 days before, it was "communist crime on dissidents, some of them Polish" then). Medvedev is flying to Poland while Eu officials and Obama chickens out. Strange, isn't it?

BTW.Satellite picture of crash site can be found here: http://m.onet.pl/_m/301e89ffce78b8c9079e5de45de037fd,0,1.jpg

EDIT:Contract for shale gas with AMERICANS were made last friday. Contract with Russia will be signed next week.

21st April 2010, 21:06
Thanks for this clarification - doesn't it make one feel nauseated yet again?
Has anyone got a clarification method please? So we can give everyone 'positive vibrations'? My small efforts needs cohorts of 'pozzi-vibes' and as we were told at school years ago "kick against the pricks"

21st April 2010, 21:24
The Satellite image is very clear, thank you for posting it SaiCO. I can not see the crash point, is it on this image? Or is it a photo of the runway on a different day. I sure don't see any fog!
If wars were fought this way a lot less people would die. I am starting to think wars are fought to thin population, and test weapons.

22nd April 2010, 06:09
Crash site is on the photo, right- low from the runway, in the forested area.. looks like "comet" wide area where the "remains" of the fuselage are seen and "tail" where tail and wings are. Both vids are from "tail" section. There is no impact point, it's like plane fallen to the ground in pieces.

As for vibrations, it's precisely the effect "they" want to trigger: fear and hopelessness. Yes, those people were probably murdered, tho not in obvious way. It somehow fits in "grand scheme" of things.

Now one need to understand that most of those people would be removed in general elections in November, due their unpopularity. Somehow schedule was moved 7 months ahead. Why?

Still one MUST not give way to fear. "they" tried to immanentize the eschaton many times, and everytime some previously unknown human put a monkeywrench in their gears. Be aware, work on grassroots level with people. "Time" will be given, if work continues, even with even more tragic catastrophes incoming.

EDIT: attaching edited site crash from satellite image745
compression's buggy, sorry, top red text is "cameraman runs from here"

22nd April 2010, 11:07
I feel this is significant:


22nd April 2010, 11:30
Hey thanks Guys... gets thicker by the day doesn't it!!

And still... the wheels on the bus go round and round GRRRRR !!!


Jacqui D
22nd April 2010, 13:32
And still they get away with it all!!!!
Jane's evidence was very revealing, How can they say this was not suspicious!!!

22nd April 2010, 15:26
Third video from crash site is published:

It seems to run in parallel with "shots" video, with second cameraman in cadre

22nd April 2010, 16:17
Hi saiCo,

It would be interesting to know who the guy with the black coat and tie is. It seems he is shooing away the video cameraman, I think I heard him say "prohibited" which seems to be almost the same word in any laguage.

From what I could see there was only one fire truck with a few firemen dowsing down the flames, and during the two minutes arrived a second fire truck, so that would suggest that the crash was still 'fresh'. I'm suprised it was already cordoned off and the fact that there were at least three video cameramen capturing images.

What was also interesting is that only one video recording showed the sound of gunfire and apparent people pleading for their lives. I don't speak Polish nor that much Russian to determine what exactly was being said in any of the videos.

So, to join the dots and form a clearer picture we need to know the chronological order of the videos (the 'shots' video appears to be the first as it shows a siren of a fire truck arriving - even though it is in a forest).

We need to know exactly what was being said in each video, which could give information and finally the actors in the videos. In the 'shots' video, for example there was a man in the first part. Who was he. In this last video there was a guy with dark glasses (strange considering the time of day and the fog) wearing a tie. Who was he? Knowing these things will also give us useful information, even if it only shows us the first moments after a common or garden aeroplane accident.

Best regards,


22nd April 2010, 17:09
I think I heard him say "prohibited" which seems to be almost the same word in any laguage.

What makes you think so? I do speak Russian a bit - as everyone in my generation who grew up in Eastern Europe - and I had a hard time to make up anything. Btw: "prohibited": Russian "zaprietieno' Czech "zakázáno" Polish "zakaz" (hope I got this right SaiCO, my Polish is rusty ;) Japanese "kinshi" ...

23rd April 2010, 08:56
Hi haibane,

At 2:00 in the third video there's a guy approaching. I could be mistaken for the word 'prohibited', but it sounded like it. As for the sound quality, the conversation was clear between the two, so I would ask for someone of confidence who speaks Polish (or Russian) to translate. What the people said in all of the videos could answer questions. Although I applaud the maker of the 'shoot' video, I wouldn't want to take him on his word with the translations as I'm sure that the Western media would have jumped all over this by now. Wouldn't they?

Best regards,


What makes you think so? I do speak Russian a bit - as everyone in my generation who grew up in Eastern Europe - and I had a hard time to make up anything. Btw: "prohibited": Russian "zaprietieno' Czech "zakázáno" Polish "zakaz" (hope I got this right SaiCO, my Polish is rusty ;) Japanese "kinshi" ...

1st May 2011, 07:10

Rest in peace, murdered brothers.

1st May 2011, 08:59
if this is true it certainly is a worrisome development indeed

Kind regards James