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The One
10th February 2011, 15:42
There are a great number of scholars who have attempted to bring some very substantial and
worthwhile information to public knowledge but who have all have been publicly vilified whether
their information was credible or not. Even some people who have just been doing their job have
had their lives reduced to tatters for not being prepared to lie in the name of science.

We have discussed ancient texts and we have seen an abundance of evidence to support them,and still we have only really scratched the surface. Some of the conclusions have staggering implications for mankind and yet the information is being disregarded. Is there indeed a ‘Global Conspiracy’ in place to keep this information out of the public eye? Such things are invariably denied but before we continue on our quest we will put the puzzle aside for a brief moment to discuss this phenomenon. Naturally, and as I previously stated, I’m well aware that when ever anyone mentions the word conspiracy in our modern and supposedly free society, especially in regard to the Government, or the Scientific or Academic communities they are sure to attract a storm of criticism. They are of course, always at the ready to discredit anyone suggesting such an idea and create a media circus around them to distract any attention away from the actual point they’re trying to make. In these cases it is always a good rule of thumb to be wary of anyone who relies on invoking their academic credentials to support their case because it invariably means that they have no valid arguments of their own to present to the table so they can only resort to waving credentials and launching personal attacks in such a way that it allows them to ignore the actual evidence that is being presented. Of course the media is only too happy to back them up and publicize the ‘tasty bits’ too if need be. As briefly discussed in the first chapter, conspiracies actually do happen quite often and in the case of our history, the evidence of an entirely different course of events is now simply far too overwhelming to just be dismissed. The irony of it all is that most of it is right out in plain view. The good news is that the participants in the conspiracy to keep the facts suppressed are quite obvious and their overall plan and daily tactics become predictable and transparent once you have acquired the necessary skills to spot them, though it’s not always easy to penetrate the smokescreen of propaganda and disinformation to get to the real agenda hidden beneath. However the bad news is that the conspiracy is Global and there are some very big players involved who have worked very hard to get the current academic mindset deeply ingrained in our psyche. Of course the Persian Gulf region has been kept a war zone for so long now that it’s kind of hard to get in there to do much more investigation. Perhaps after they have bombed all trace of any ancient ruins out of existence they will let people back in to investigate. In the meantime our governments seem to work very hard to provide as many distractions in people’s daily lives as they can. This is because if you can keep the population living on the edge all the time they end up so caught up with the rigors of daily modern life, getting to work, paying the bills, looking out for the kids, worrying about the economy, the college fund, the groceries,the neighbors, terrorists, God, taxes, fine print, the environment and keeping up with the Jones,they don’t really notice or even often care about looking at the bigger picture to see what’s going on all around them, let alone in what may have happened in the past