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22nd April 2010, 01:15
As I am moving out to the farm on July 1, I was thinking how not to plug back into the grid...

I was doing some research on vidoes for magnetic power... I found a few ideas for magnetic self-generating power...



and then this one struck a chord in my creativity...


with the spiral... and then this one came up on the queue...


and I started thinking .. this world is built on opposite polarizations, right?...

what if we put one disc with 2-4 spirals arching in one direction, and another disc with the same # of arching spirals in the opposite directions? would that do a sissors effect and pull the discs into a counter rotation, thereby generating a sort of static power between them?

( I am not mechanically inclined- so please take this idea and run with it - see where my flaws are...)

edit: my idea...

29th April 2010, 00:53
I have been working on this for SO long it literally keeps me up at night it's driving me crazy. You know what's worse is one of those nights wasn't too long ago. I hit the snooze button which is set to talk radio/coast to coast and they were talking about some guy who has already built one, if there is a god he has a great sense of humor. I am not stopping my project though, ill believe other peoples motors when I see them.

As for the videos only the first and last ones are actual magnetic motor ideas, the last one being freakishly close to an old design I had.

Your idea is very clever, however what happens is when the two discs come close together they jerk into place. It may work with a counter weight. I'm loading up pics of whats left of my failed designs.

Keep thinking of ideas! Ill put them into practice if its feasible.... and take all of the credit..... err um scratch that last part.

6th July 2011, 00:17

Hope this helps

3rd January 2014, 04:22
Ive been wanting to dabble in these arts for awhile now. I will attempt a project soon from my own design and will create and new thread to keep you all updated.