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22nd April 2010, 03:49
Hi All,

Not sure if any of you follow the work of Goro Adachi so I wanted to link up his Etemenanki blog so everyone can check it out. Really extraordinary work. I have been following for a while via a friend who has been following him for quite some time. Stunning predictions via a complex symbolic 'earth-mind'-like puzzle that he pieces together from various events and patterns.

If you go back a few moths in his work, you may just be amazed how all of this seems to come together so brilliantly. Wonderful to watch it unfold.

Viking - you may take a big interest in the current series of themes playing into what he calls the 'Pope Shift Pattern'.


Enjoy all!

22nd April 2010, 04:43
Thanks for the link, Jonathon :thumb:

22nd April 2010, 14:15
Thanks. Looks promising.

Edit: Yikes! Lots of stuff there. Any suggestions on where to start? Just dig in? thanks