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22nd April 2010, 08:32
We are like a person holding on to a piece of rope.

He holds on for dear life, knowing that if he were to let go he would fall to his death. His parents, his teachers, and many others have told him this is so; and when he looks around he can see everyone else doing the same.

Nothing would induce him to let go.

Along comes a wise person. She knows that holding on is unnecessary, that the security it offers is illusory, and only holds you where you are. So she looks for a way to dispel his illusions and help him to be free.

She talks of real security, of deeper joy, of true happiness, of peace of mind. She tells him that he can taste this if he will just release one finger from the rope.

"One finger," thinks the man; "that"s not too much to risk for a taste of bliss." So he agrees to take this first initiation.

And he does taste greater joy, happiness, and peace of mind.

But not enough to bring lasting fulfillment.

"Even greater joy, happiness and peace can be yours," she tells him, "if you will just release a second finger."

"This," he tells himself, "is going to be more difficult. Can I do it? Will it be safe? Do I have the courage?" He hesitates, then, flexing his finger, feels how it would be to let go a little more . . . and takes the risk.

He is relieved to find he does not fall; instead he discovers greater happiness and inner peace.

But could more be possible?

"Trust me," she says. "Have I failed you so far? I know your fears, I know what your mind is telling you -- that this is crazy, that it goes against everything you have ever learnt -- but please, trust me. Look at me, am I not free? I promise you will be safe, and you will know even greater happiness and contentment."

"Do I really want happiness and inner peace so much," he wonders, "that I am prepared to risk all that I hold dear? In principle, yes; but can I be sure that I will be safe, that I will not fall?" With a little coaxing he begins to look at his fears, to consider their basis, and to explore what it is he really wants. Slowly he feels his fingers soften and relax. He knows he can do it. And he knows he must do it. It is only a matter of time until he releases his grip.

And as he does an even greater sense of peace flows through him.

He is now hanging by one finger. Reason tells him he should have fallen a finger or two ago, but he hasn"t. "Is there something wrong with holding on itself?" he asks himself. "Have I been wrong all the time?"

"This one is up to you," she says. "I can help you no further. Just remember that all your fears are groundless."

Trusting his quiet inner voice, he gradually releases the last finger.

And nothing happens.

He stays exactly where he is.

Then he realizes why. He has been standing on the ground all along.

And as he looks at the ground, knowing he need never hold on again, he finds true peace of mind.


peace always

22nd April 2010, 09:15
..talks of real security, of deeper joy, of true happiness, of peace of mind.

it is one of the most enlightening stories I have ever read,

it is about being, happiness, joy and piece of mind,

no need for difficult theories, ego conversations,

just AWAKENING into being itself.

many blessings on you way,

22nd April 2010, 09:30
A small balding man storms into a local bar and demands, "Gimme a double of the strongest whiskey you got. I'm so mad, I can't even see straight." The bartender, noticing that the little man is a bit the worse for wear, pours him a double of Southern Comfort. The man swills down the drink and says, "Gimme another one." The bartender pours the drink, but says, "Now, before I give you this, why don't you let off a little steam and tell me why you're so upset?"So, the man begins his tale. "Well, I was sitting in the bar next door, when this gorgeous blonde slinks in and actually sits beside me at the bar. I thought, "Wow, this has never happened before." You know, it was kind of a fantasy come true. Well, a couple of minutes later, the blonde leans over and asks if I'd like to come back to her hotel to have dinner and talk for a while. I couldn't believe this was happening, and I hadn't had a good meal in quite a while. I managed to nod my head yes, so she grabs my hand and starts walking out of the bar. This seemed just too good to be true."He continued, "She took me down the street here to a nice hotel and up to her room. She said to relax, watch some TV, and that she would be ready to go down to the restaurant in a few minutes. But, as soon as I put my feet up and reclined my chair, I heard some keys jingling and someone starts fumbling with the door.""The blonde says, 'Oh my god, it's my boyfriend. He must have lost his wrestling match tonight, he's gonna be real mad. Quick, hide!'""So, I opened the closet, but I figured that was probably the first place he would look, so I didn't hide there. Then I looked under the bed, but no, I figured he's bound to look there, too. By now, I could hear the key in the lock. I noticed the window was open, so I climbed out and was hanging there by my fingers, praying that the guy wouldn't see me."The bartender says "Well I can see how you might be a bit frustrated at this point.""Well, yeah, but I hear the guy finally get the door open and he yells out, 'Who you been with now, you witch?' The girl says, 'Nobody, honey, now calm down.'"Well, the guy starts tearing up the room. I hear him tear the door off the closet and throw it across the room. I'm thinking, 'Boy, I'm glad I didn't hide in there.' Then I hear him lift up the bed and throw it across the room. Good thing I didn't hide under there either. Then I heard him say, 'What's that over there by the window?' I think, 'Oh God, I'm dead meat now.' But, the blonde by now is trying real hard to distract him and convince him to stop looking. Well, I hear the guy go into the bathroom and I hear water running for a long time; I figure maybe he's gonna take a bath or something, when all of a sudden, the jerk pours a pitcher of scalding hot water out of the window right on top of my head. I mean, look at this, I got second degree burns all over my scalp and shoulders!"The bartender says, "Oh man, that would have gotten me mad for sure." "No, that didn't really bother me. Next, the guy starts slamming the window shut over and over on my hands. I mean, look at my fingers. They're a bloody mess. I can hardly hold onto this glass."The bartender looks at the guy's hands and says, "Yeah, buddy, I can understand why you are so upset.""No, that wasn't what really got me so angry though."The bartender then asks in exasperation, "Well, then, what did finally make you anger?""Well, I was hanging on the window, and I turned around and looked down--I was only about six inches off the ground."

22nd April 2010, 09:41
.....i see your hair has grown back now which is good....:)

ehhh im kidding, thanks for sharing

peace always

22nd April 2010, 09:42
and I turned around and looked down--I was only about six inches off the ground."

Another good one, what a wonderful day ! I am off to Blonde my hair.

Blessings for you too Sam!

22nd April 2010, 09:43
it is one of the most enlightening stories I have ever read,

it is about being, happiness, joy and piece of mind,

no need for difficult theories, ego conversations,

just AWAKENING into being itself.

many blessings on you way,

many thanks for sharing annemirri, it is a lovely simple yet profound and important message

peace always

22nd April 2010, 10:43
Diogenes lived naked, and he was a strong man. Four people who were hijacking people and selling them as slaves in the market thought, "This is a great catch, this man can bring us a lot of money. We have sold many slaves, but none of them were so strong, so beautiful, so young. We can get as high a price as we demand; and there is going to be a great competition in the marketplace when we put this man on the pedestal for sale. But," they thought, "four are not enough to catch him. He alone could kill us all."

Diogenes heard what they were saying about him. He was sitting by the side of the river, just enjoying the cool breeze of the evening, underneath a tree; and behind the tree those four were planning what to do. He said, "Don't we worried. Come here! You need not worry that I will kill you, I never kill anything. And you need not worry that I will fight, resist you�no. I don't fight anybody, I don't resist anything. You want to sell me as a slave?"

Embarassed, afraid, those four people said, "That's what we were thinking. We are poor... if you are willing."

He said, "Of course I am. If I can help you in your poverty in some way, it is beautiful."
So they brought out chains. He said, "Throw them in the river; you need not chain me. I will walk ahead of you. I don't believe in escaping from anything. In fact, I am getting excited about the idea of being sold, standing on a high pedestal, and hundreds of people trying to get me. I am excited about this auction�I am coming!"

These four people became a little more afraid: this man is not only strong and beautiful, he seems to be mad also; he could be dangerous. But now there was no way for them to escape. Diogenes said, "If you try to escape, you will be risking your own life. Just follow me, all four of you. Put me on the pedestal in the market."

Unwillingly, they followed him. They wanted to take him, but he went ahead of them! He told those people, "DOn't be afraid, and don't try to escape. You have given me a great idea, I am grateful to you. This is my responsibility; I am going to the marketplace. You put me up for auction.

"What type of man was this?" they wondered. But there was no way to back out now, so they followed him. And when he was put on a high pedestal so that everybody could see, there was almost silence, pin-drop silence. People had never seen such a proportionate body, so beautiful�as if made of steel, so strong.

Before the auctioneer said anything, Diogenese declared, "Listen people! Here is a master to be sold to any slave, because these four poor people need money. So start the auction, but remember, you are purchasing a master."


22nd April 2010, 12:48
Diogenes lived naked, and he was a strong man.

"Listen people! Here is a master to be sold to any slave, because these four poor people need money. So start the auction, but remember, you are purchasing a master."

so, James, what happens next ? Did anyone buy him ?

I love these little enlightening stories with profound truths, please, post more!

(as I am tired of reading books, and we do not even watch TV, or listen any music,
but my son has started most wonderful practice of reading books and stories to me and to his sister aloud in the evenings, (when I am knitting ),
last night he read me something from the book "The Good man Jesus and the scoundrel Christ"
and all that makes me feel much better. )

so, Blessings to you too K626.

22nd April 2010, 13:31
Diogenes lived naked, and he was a strong man. Four people who were hijacking people and selling them as slaves in the market thought....

many thanks for sharing this K....i do enjoy these little messages...

here's one more...

Once upon a time, twin boys were conceived.

Weeks passed and the twins developed. As their awareness grew, they laughed for joy: "Isn't it great that we were conceived? Isn't it great to be alive? "

Together the twins explored their worlds. When they found their mother's cord that gave them life, they sang for joy! "How great our mother's love is, that she shares her own life with us!"

As weeks stretched into months, the twins noticed how much each was changing.

"What does it mean?" one asked.

"It means our stay in this world is drawing to an end." said the other.

"But I don't want to go," said one. "I want to stay here always."

"We have no choice," said the other. "But maybe there is life after birth."

"But how can there be?" responded one. "We will shed our life cord and how can life be possible without it? Besides, we have seen evidence that others were here before us, and none of them has returned to tell us there is life after birth. No, this is the end. Maybe there is no mother after all."

"But there has to be," protested the other. "How else did we get here? How do we remain alive?"

"Have you ever seen our mother?" said one.

"Maybe she only lives in our minds. Maybe we made her up because the idea made us feel good."

So the last days in the womb were filled with deep questioning and fear.

Finally, the moment of birth arrived. When the twins had passed from their world, they opened their eyes and cried for joy - for what they saw exceeded their fondest dreams.

That is birth ... and that is death.

peace always

22nd April 2010, 13:45
Once upon a time, twin boys were conceived.

Interesting Twins like in the book my son is reading to me.

(in that Philip Pullman's book Chris and Jesus are twins, and my own mother is identical twin.)

Once, when I was a young fool I had an affair on a cruiser with identical twin boys from Israel,
I was so drunk that I thought that I was seeing double !
kind of funny.

Thank You MIke for sharing,

22nd April 2010, 13:52
Great thread! :thumb: Story telling with parable's is becoming a lost art. With a story, you can teach, direct, and fill with love, any child's imagination, oh, and us adults too!

love & light

23rd April 2010, 16:25
Once a little girl and her father were crossing a bridge. The father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter, "Sweetheart , please hold my hand so that you don’t fall into the river."

The little girl said, "No, Dad. You hold my hand."

"What’s the difference?" asked the puzzle father.

"There’s a big difference," replied the little girl.

"If I hold your hand and something happens to me, chances are that I may let your hand go. But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let my hand go."

peace always

4th May 2010, 12:22
the only survivor of a shipwreck was washed up on a small, uninhabited island.

He prayed feverishly for someone to rescue him, and every day he scanned the horizon for help, but none seemed forthcoming. Exhausted, he eventually managed to build a little hut out of driftwood to protect him from the elements, and to store his few possessions.

But then one day, after scavenging for food, he arrived home to find his little hut in flames, the smoke rolling up to the sky.

The worst had happened; everything was lost. He was stunned with grief and anger.

"God, how could you do this to me!" he cried.

Early the next day, however, he was awakened by the sound of a ship that was approaching the island. It had come to rescue him.

"How did you know I was here?" asked the weary man of his rescuers.

"We saw your smoke signal," they replied.

peace always