View Full Version : Weird com(chem)trails

13th February 2011, 14:52
Has anybody noticed the weird com-trails in the sky? Two days ago all I saw were these strange deep Check marks, like there would be a long line and an abrupt turn almost like a deep check mark. If anyone understands what I am trying to say and can explain it more succinctly than I can, please do. (Scrambled brains for breakfast). My husband noticed them too. Any ideas?:confused:

king anthony
13th February 2011, 19:27
This is not something that I pay much attention to, as once the com-trails are up there is no point in asking or trying to do anything. The solution would be discussed prior to them being in the sky. With that said, I have noticed more of them in the sky at one time. I am not sure if I have seen 'checkmark' kinds, however, I have seen some patterns other then straight lines. As for what they are or might be... that is something that will never have a 'true' conclusion, only speculation. Could there be 'something' in them, yes. Sorry I could not be of more help.

king anthony
30th March 2011, 02:39
Anyone in the Greater Toronto Area? Look up... many of these 'chem-trails'. In rows seeming to intersect southeast.

30th March 2011, 02:53
are you able to take a picture or even a MS paint drawing for those who's mind's fail at making images based off a description

*cough me cough* :P

I've been seeing an awfull lot of... haarp? ish clouds in Brisbane. Because i live/work in the city tho its impossible for me to get a good view i only see sections. But i can imagine it looks similar to the radar images we've seen.

Here's an image of what they look like.


But it's not a big cloud covering the sky like that. It's like a fanned out chemtrail in a line, but all thruout it it's got those ripples/waves. Not exactly in clear straight lines, they section off to form oddly shaped rectangels, allmost like a jigsaw puzzle in the sky.

*refer to previous comment about incapable of visualising other's descriptions if im waaaaaaaaay off the mark :P*