View Full Version : today is a numerologic 11

22nd April 2010, 19:28
and they're everywhere!... got the notion to snap on CNBC and had to take a picture
* 4-22-2010 .. 4+2+2+2+0+1+0= 11


I stopped at a store this morning picked up three items, put them on the counter and the clerk tallies it up and spouts, " that'll be 11.11" ..
thats the second time this month, different stores and different items..

I keep getting the feeling we're getting real close to something happening.. I'm getting the same quivery anxiety kind of feeling I got with the other two big quakes.. 'cept this one seems to be building to a higher energy state before it's release.. or something along those lines.. thats the way I feel anyhow.. it's the second day of this weird feeling..

hope I'm way wrong

be well

23rd April 2010, 12:31
Steady tone is intensifying in my ears in last 2 days , I sat at home last night and just thought wow how much more it was.

There was one good thing that happened, I was making out a card for a friend of a friend who had passed away and they were pretty wealthy and I was thinking should I put money in the card or not, and thought yes so I put $50.00 in.

About 15 minutes later the welder from the back of the shop came in and handed me a $50.00 bill from a job he just did for my company. Ah the good Karma is working . Felt so good!

There's lots of changes happening now, just hang on for the ride, for as many bad incidents it always beings out the best in people. Keep the faith!