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15th February 2011, 23:37
Think of Charles as being an Avenging Angel. (He will laugh when he sees this!)

He is neither good, nor bad, but bringing a message, and that is that there's going to be a 'sweeping clean' of the earth, 'shortly' (considering he said time is irrelevant).

I've had that dinging sensation in my brain from almost the beginning, shortly after seeing the Charles interview- that this is a scenario we already know. Those of us who know the Old Testament story of Lot and how two heavenly messengers came and told him that Sodom and Gomorrah were going to be destroyed, because the people had become so wicked.

And Lot pleaded with them...please-please-please, if I can find 50 good people, PLEASE spare them...

And the messengers agreed.

But he couldn't find 50, so he begged...please, if I can find 10...Lord, if I can find 10, please don't destroy these people...

Nope, couldn't even find 10.

Lot was told to gather his family and leave, and that not one should turn back and gaze upon the destruction, but we know how his wife did, and turned to a pillar of salt.

And so, fire and brimstone fell from the skies,

Then the familiar story of Noah, which is especially banging around in my head...

Was it a messenger, or God himself who warned Noah about the flood..doesn't matter, really. There's a way earlier version, actually 2, one from the Sumerian texts, and another called the Epic of Gilgamesh...same story but different names, and that doesn't matter either...

The point is that Noah was warned, and he tried to warn the people, and they got so angry with him, calling him crazy, and even trying to kill him, but he kept building that boat, and when the time came, he took his entire family and animals, and supplies, and...well, we know the rest...

Scientists, archeologists, and historians who study ancient texts, know that there were events like these, actually, a few, where most of the earth's population was decimated.

One of my sons had a vision that left him in a kind of coma, after he told me, of being taken off planet and being held in the palm of someone's hand, and shown the earth and how it's going to be ravished, when he was 15, and was an absolute pure spirit. (Which doesn't matter, being open is the important thing.)

I had a vison about one year ago, and saw myself and a son walking amongst huge groups of people, distraught, anguished, confused, injured, some dead, and not understanding what had happened but knowing their world would never be the same.

Another son has had identical visions for a long time, a daughter had a dream about an ark of sorts and how we were being told to board, only 2 years ago, and she's not one to talk about such stuff.

Me and my kids, well, that's one thing, but I've had people sending me private messages, about having those same visions and dreams, and it's all the anguish of destruction...massive, and how most won't survive. (They tell me how they are being told that they need to be ready to flee and they will be safe, if they listen.)

The other aspect, is that I understood immediately, who these 33 are, and the 427 families of a certain bloodline, because that's all that research I was doing since 2001. They are also the "Keepers of the Record". I don't believe we can accuse them of causing these events, as much as to say, they won't prevent them. Maybe all they can do is to warn us, or not. (As in the Sumerian texts, and the Epic of Gilgamesh.)

There are just too many synchronicities in all of this, I can't ignore. I've recently found material in certain books that affirm this.

So look at Bill as being the caring and loving Lot, or Noah who can't bear the thought of most of humanity dying, and trying to come up with a solution...

Then look at Charles as being just the messenger. He is only relaying the message. He doesn't care one way or the other. Sort of like the UPS man when he delivers a box.

Take this for what its worth. I'm maybe only another messenger.

16th February 2011, 19:12
I agree with you in many respects on this, this seemed to be the messages I received from the light beings, when I was a very young girl.

I feel there is more to the Charles story though, every time this happens the circumstances, while similar, are also different.

I felt a sense of hope, when listening to the initial interview. I've been looking for a way to mitigate the devastation.

And for now, I believe Charles may be offer that way, if we will only listen... :0)

For as long as I remember, my heart goes out to humanity.

16th February 2011, 19:19
Am I a Bible-Thumper? Nah! Just telling a couple familiar stories to get my point across.

I referenced ancient texts as having stories even older then the Old Testament.

Here's are a couple quotes I ran across in a timely fashion:

From Laurence Gardner's, "Genesis of the Grail Kings...The Explosive Story of Genetic Cloning and the Ancient Bloodline of Jesus"

P. 94-

"The adapted Genesis version of the story tells that the Flood was an act of God's personal vengeance, but the Sumerian tablets explains that the great deluge was caused by Enlil and the Assembly of the Anunnaki. The decision was taken by way of a majority vote, but was not approved by all concerned."

P. 95-

"In agreement with the Sumerian tablets, the Epic of Gilgamesh also records that the flood was decreed by the Anunnaki, naming in particular Anu and Enlil, along with their counselors Ninurta and Enuggi. The primary instigator was Enlil, and after the flood his granddaughter Inanna was reported as saying, 'In truth, the olden time has turned to clay'. The account also states that 'the ground was flat like a roof', which is precisely what Sir Richard Leonard Woolley's team found in the 1920s- a great flat bed of hard clay in the flood stratum of Mesopotamia."

Also on P. 95-

"The Gensis version of the story relates that the Flood was instigated by God (Jehovah) because the once 'very good' human race had become wicked, but the Mesopotamian accounts indicate a RAMPANT POPULATION PROBLEM (my caps) which had to be curtailed. An ancient Akkadian text called the Atra-hasis Epic states that the people had multiplied beyond any control and were so noisy that Enlil could not get any sleep."

It's painfully obvious to me, that history might be about to repeat itself.

16th February 2011, 19:29
I have the same feeling slvrfx, in particular regarding the flood. It does not fit the story about the planned food shortage and the fighting so the strongest may prevail to improve the dna of humanity.

Or maybe there is new information from Charles that I have missed? I have not checked it for a month.

16th February 2011, 19:43
I have the same feeling slvrfx, in particular regarding the flood. It does not fit the story about the planned food shortage and the fighting so the strongest may prevail to improve the dna of humanity.

Or maybe there is new information from Charles that I have missed? I have not checked it for a month.

I wish I could give you a quote, but that would take awhile to track down, but Gardner states in his book that the Noah's Ark was NOT the two-by-two animal pairs, but was actually the saving of human DNA.

Very interesting you brought that up. (Hmmm...wonder about Charles' quote about women...the mitochondrial DNA?)