View Full Version : Advanced AI Disclosure

16th February 2011, 07:35
So we're all pretty familiar with how movies and television are used to passively disclose things under the guise of fiction or sometimes just dumbed down versions of truth. Things basically used as a way to prepare the general public for the up-and-coming and make it a bit more acceptable when it's realized so that joe-six-pack and peggy-plastic don't absolutely lose their minds upon revelation of some of the things going on.

Well with all this talk of advanced AI, things like the creativity machine (http://www.imagination-engines.com/cm.htm) and even all the talk about the cray 5s and Aubrey - I'm curious if this isn't a bit of AI disclosure being presented in a very friendly format.


16th February 2011, 08:08
They called the one in the vid - "Watson"

I also read somewhere about a computer setting up face book accounts, which I guess would be data mining..

Its the self aware consciousness bit that intrigues me...