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The Mad spirtualist
17th February 2011, 15:55
People with no heart have arrived here to take yours don't give it to them! It is the ONLY thing you will have left in the end! Trust me they may be smarter, richer but THEY HAVE NO HEART OR CONSCIOUS. They will crush you into dust and not have a ounce of conscious doing it. The reason this DB is hurting is cause you allowed those with no heart to come in and corrupt even when they said they were here to do so. Do you think you are strong enough Bill? Maybe you are but it is worth the price that people are paying here. I'm new here I don't even really know what this place was originally about it has seem to have lost that because I only see one thing going on.

If moving into the new 5D Earth is about raising your vibration and living from the heart then this place is moving away from that goal. Intellectual understanding of what is going on is one thing but when it effects the heart and the spirit IT IS OF NO USE!

Since I have been here I have expressed my RAGE at the horrors that we witness daily and we have seen throughout our life. The hard thing to come to grips with is that supposedly a God of love, The source or whatever you call it has created all things and he has allow this mess to happen on this Planet. Torture, rape and things so vile that there is no way a God who loves would allow such things to happen to his creation. So it leaves you in a conundrum.

If I could ask God the Source for one thing it would be that not one being or thing could EVER over power me! That I could protect myself and provide for myself. I want my own power to be complete. I wish that every being had this so no other being could mess with another. That I believe is true freewill! I'm free and I have my will to do whatever I please without hurting anyone else or they hurting me. Which in would actually force cooperation in order to advance civilization instead of forcing it through chaos.

Anastasia comes to mind. In the book Space of Love people came to try and capture her and they experience a hell they could barely describe. She was powerful in spirit full of love and grace yet when someone ****ed with her she had the power to protect herself and scare the living crap out of the people that tried to do it and they will never be the same again. They tried to mess with her free will and instead got theirs messed with.

So all I ask God for is this power to have TRUE free will. Not one that has been hi-jacked by others. If the power is within me then lead me to it! May God's will be done! If he is a God of Love then he shall give me what I want because it is within his will to do so cause he is love.

17th February 2011, 16:55
Lack of love = undeveloped pre-frontal cortex = no conscience or heart = sociopath or psychopath = detriment to all sentient beings.

Northern Boy
17th February 2011, 17:00