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19th February 2011, 10:48
Blue Kachina , is what i believe Sirius.

Sirius is in fact a double star , theres a blue dwarf orbitting Sirius wich has a lot of mass.

Scientist only discovered it in the 19th century , the light from Sirius is so bright that nobody had discovered it yet.

The hopi's say that The mask of Kachina will come off , well that would mean we are going to be illuminated by Sirius again.
All Untruth and Lies and Evil will be seen by many

So i though this might be a useful post :)




19th February 2011, 11:55
Thinking back, i remember as a child in the 70's my father telling me one night whilst looking at Sirus that it was a binary...... found this in the Astonomy archive..........

After analyzing the motions of Sirius from 1833 to 1844, Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel (1784-1846) concluded that it had an unseen companion. Sirius B itself was not actually observed until January 31, 1862 by Alvan Graham Clark (1832-1897), who was testing a new 18-inch telescope built for Dearborn Observatory by the famous company founded by his father (Alvan Clark) and later run by his brother and himself. Clark was soon honored with the Lalande prize of the French Academy for his discovery. Star B's peculiar high temperature, small size, and great density, however, were not established until 1925 by Walter Sydney Adams (1876-1956).