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22nd February 2011, 13:41
Hello Avalonians,

Iím here to share myÖ..plans if you will. Iím currently reading ďHuman Race Get Off Your Knees, the Lion Sleeps No More. One of the things that caught my eye was how he talks about how when the floods came, the people that move to higher ground re-populated the world after the floods.

Iím here to share an idea that Iíve been thinking for a long timeÖÖ..With the food prices going up, gas prices going up, government getting in your face everyday- making us dumber and domesticated, the dollar devaluating and with the earth changes happening; I was thinking of moving south. Maybe permanently, if SHTF. I DO NOT want to stick around to see Marshall law, or be put in a FEMA camp because I refuse to give my finger prints or get a micro chip in my arm.

I feel I am running out of time and the only way to make this happened is to share my idea and find others who are willing to join me.

The reason I choose the south is because
1) The govt. isnít in your face.
Where south? Mexico. Although there is crime and violence in Mexico, trust me when I say the crime in Mexico will be paradise compare to what will happen in the US. Also not all of Mexico is all crime. There are places FAR FAR FAR away from where all this happens.

Why Mexico? Because its really really really really really cheap. Iíve found 3-4 acres of land go from 8-15 thousand. To build a little cob can cost 2-5 thousand dollars.
Also, Iíve found places
1) far from volcanos
2) far from earthquake activity
3) close to a water source
4) decent high altitude
5) close to a forrest, or large tree area
6) Far (but not too far) from the closest town (for grocerys and medical help)
I am looking for people that might be interested in joining me in this adventure. Even if things donít go down, we can use this as a vacation place.

Iíve heard people say ďthatís stupidĒ. It might be, but what will more stupid will be standing in line for a loaf of bread that will cost $5.
Or ďwhy not do this here in the US, like a Colorado or someplace like that, far away from peopleĒ. I have looked into this (A LOT!!!!). The only reason I choose not to, is because
1) Winter. Half of the upper US gets covered in snow, and that can hurt crops.
I want to live off the grid. So I donít want to pay electricity any more. So, in order to stay warm in winter, I would have to have a nice insulated place with a chimney. But mainly because I think winter can hurt crop production, it would be harder to survive cold winter nights.
I have found places where itís secluded area. Far from towns, but not too far. But again, these places are high in altitude, so winter can be a bitch. Also, if the US goes to war, I donít want to be stuck in a nuclear war.

Iíve thought of this very carefully. It is something I would like to get the ball rolling on. PLEASE DO NOT POST ďTHIS IS STUPIDĒ OR ďNO MATTER WHERE YOU GOÖ.BLA BLA BLAĒ ďYOU CANíT RUNĒ.

Iím not asking 40,000 thousand dollars to build an underground bunker per person. Iím not sure what Iím asking yet. The more people the better. I know that it must be in a decent altitude area, maybe some wild life (rabbit, deer, fish, game)

I see a community that grows their own food. Raises their own livestock, trades eggs for tomatoes. Or potatoes for a pie. Maybe with solar power houses, enough to power basic electronics. Where we grow NON GMO crops, all natural herloom seeds. Then, go to the closest town for a drink and see whatís new.

With all the revolution going around the world, I feel weíre due for one, donít you think? If so, how are you going to feed your family when the dollar equals .25 cents. Or when you canít afford gas to go to work.

This is a special thanks to Annie. If it wasnít for here I wouldnít have posted this.

22nd February 2011, 15:00
OH YEAH. PM me for more info/ discussion.


4th February 2012, 21:28
I'm pretty sure the village is in Costa Rica, so you are most of the way there fron Indianapolis.

4th February 2012, 22:15
I have always been interested in having at least a few simple acres way out in country for emergencies but also vacation. Only thing I am good for right now are ideas though haa.

This is an awesome organization and ARCHitecture. as cheap as it gets.
check it. http://calearth.org/

One Love.

4th February 2012, 22:32
I might be persuaded to investigate this with you...

and some suggestions to look into...

... food crops: hydroponics/ square foot gardens/ window plants
... energy: solar panels/ water wheels/ hydro-power system/ perpetual motion generators
... warmth: solar generators/ ceramic briquette heat retainers

and if we are putting together a team: what skill sets are you still needing?

4th February 2012, 22:36
reading that original post, i couldn't help but think of the movie 'The Beach', starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tilda Swinton.

but that didn't end so well...:p Funny how utopias tend to wind up as dystopias, despite best intentions.

i'd never say that this is 'stupid', Christian; i might say that it's a logistical nightmare;)...but i 'd never say that it's stupid.

i love your enthusiasm, but it might make a little more sense to organize groups in our local communities to grow our own food, raise livestock, build solar homes etc...as opposed to uprooting and heading for the border. maybe a bit more realistic, given that most have kids and loved ones that, no matter how persuasive we might be, won't be willing to do something so dramatic.

my opinion is that environmental dangers can befall you anywhere, and the vague guesswork and prognostications of doomsdayers haven't sold me that 1 place may be significantly safer than another. not yet, anyway.

4th February 2012, 22:47
OR- (*and I am not trying to poo-poo your idea, but please give this some real soul-searching thought)

instead of putting all that concentrated thought-power into running away from everything; put your thought energies into thinking up a kind of business or community care/improvement effort that you can do - right where you are- to turn the power back over to the people

1) timebank community/ alternative financing for local products and services
2) gather some money to get a plastic-to-oil-converter and hire some local people to start a true recycling plant in your area
3) then maybe set up a biodeisel fueling station
4) start a community garden/ farmers market
5) start offering training classes for survival/ back-to-nature living activities
6) etc...

running away is fear-based; just take back your power and lead by example... ?


i found the vids...


the movie came out last september (2011) and is available on netflix instant viewing

and if you couple that with the de-plastic-izer from japan...??


I think we might have a real chance to turn this thing around...
so who want to become a dealer... http://energyrecoverymachine.com/dealers.html

6th February 2012, 07:19
I have to really appologize to you... the universe scolded me and I had to look at this from another angle...

I came across another movie this weekend while trying to view yet another move called "Take Shelter" (seen here: http://www1.zmovie.tv/movies/view/take-shelter-2011).

the movie I viewed was about how to build self-sustainable houses...
but the kicker was that it cost the guy thousands of dollars (AND several years trying to work within the legal/political system) to be "within code specs" here in the U.S.

well... just watch.

Was searching forum but didnt find this post, so i decided to post this interesting concept here.
human imagination can be really awesome :)


so anyway... maybe is isn't workable to spend all that time and effort to do something right where you are... because tptb already have it set up to string you along and knock you off your feet (financially) before you even get half a chance to get something accomplished...

so ... can we resume our planning???

Tane Mahuta
6th February 2012, 08:41
Thanks Christian....big thanks to "Annie"...keep us posted!!

Welcome to Avalon...