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22nd February 2011, 20:48
Next year we will have the Olympics in London, the year 2012 has a lot of interests associated to it such as predictions etc... I wondered if anyone else on this forum has noticed the floodlights of the newly built London Olympic Stadium? Pyramid style with shining capstone.
And not forgetting the mascots
The London Olympics Mascots
The official explanation for the mascot design.


Alternative opinion


Now we have the 2012 logo
rearrange the numbers in the logo and we get..
Below,Researcher Rik Clay who is behind the blog "The Cosmic Mind" talks about his findings about the Zion Olympics in London leading up to the end game year 2012

You will be shocked by this new video:

London 2012 Olympic Stadium Insight Promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQ85HkWwYCw

We have in this video:

* Flying serpents
* Little birds (remember the Bird's Nest?)
* UFOs
* Mothership
* Huge serpents crawling through the streets of London
* 11:11 (you can see it several times)

By the end of the video, all the serpents, birds, UFOs and the mothership come together to form the London Olympics stadium. There is probably even more symbolism in the meanderings of the stadium, but we already have enough for today.

You can see that the CGI artists are informed about how UFOs move. Notice that the UFOs in the video don't just glide; they zip from one place to another.


Remember: it's all speculation.

11 in numerology can represent a portal, like those seen in the movies: with two columns and an interdimensional passage in the middle. 11:11 can represent a portal and its mirror image, much like two portals are necessary for one to cross over between dimensions: one portal in the current dimension and another in the dimension beyond. Is the portal of the "other side" ready to operate? Are the two going to synchronize at 21/12/2012 at 11:11 AM/PM?


All this and more will result in a very interesting 2012


22nd February 2011, 21:40
... yuck.

I'd like to see zero audience participation.

or even better: Zero athlete participation.

What a nice dream...

22nd February 2011, 22:10
The part where they flew towards Battersea Power station was interesting...
Also from the video....quote...
These games will be felt for decades to come...????

22nd February 2011, 23:24
wow, that was interesting - space noodles, transformers and mothership. Its almost like it transforms at the end to a new beginning (NWO???)
What about the word "zion" for the logo.

23rd February 2011, 18:12
here's an article over the uproar created by the unveiled logo:


three years later, it's still an expensive mess.

23rd February 2011, 18:14
We ALL should copy/print that ZION-logo and start glueing 'm everywhere we can.......

23rd February 2011, 18:32
OK, respect to all...

... but I really honestly feel everyone is looking WAY too deep into this subject.

There is nothing suspicious about this video.

You could look at ANY video on YouTube and find connections to whatever you want. The associative mind is a very powerful tool, but it can be incredibly deceiving.

Stop fooling yourselves.

If something happens, it happens ... there's no reason living in fear.

Follow the light, by acknowledging crap like this you are giving it power.

As long as the illusion of duality exists, the mind will always have the ability to find associations with the supposed opposing forces ...

23rd February 2011, 18:46
thats the strongangest olympic ad ever

=[Post Update]=

thats the strangest olympic ad ever

23rd February 2011, 18:58
London - 2012 - Olympic - Book: available on scribd:

noxon medem
4th April 2011, 10:49
Yes, this have been discussed before, but every time is fresh, and very welcome.

a search on the forum search engine will give some links to other threads and posts
about the subject(s).

The above logo comes to mind, here a little sketch made in photoshop
from the "zion" keyword to "nazi", from same source material.
( That 0 or o is very edgy and rectangular shaped,
and leaves room for interpreting an A into it ..)


- also relevant posting here:


5th April 2011, 00:03
Strongly agree shadowbox!

Our consciousness have energy, by focusing in a subject/event you are giving it our energy.

BUT, it is also very important that we stay focused on any hidden messages.
Remember these messages are hidden for a reason, it is intended for the people that are able to read it and UNDERSTAND it.
If we know how to understand the messages we can use it to our advantage.