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23rd February 2011, 07:26
Hi All,

In reading all of the alternate news and crazy things that have been happening in our world, I have always sought to come about with real solutions that we can use to bring about a better world. Here is my collection of ideas that I keep track of and some of which I am able to implement in my life.

* Property Ownership (as opposed to government ownership -- communism)
* Revitalize small towns and create sustainable communities -- people depending on each other
* Nature must be the system of organization
* All countries must manufacture with more focus on quality and craftsmanship

* Biodiesel and trash to oil
* Solar energy (starting with grid-tie systems, followed by elimination of the grid)

* Reject cloud software and adopt open source software
* Peer-to-peer Wireless Mesh Networking to replace internet infrastructure
* Removal of functional obsolescence from all goods through activism

Legal System:
* Repeal of Agenda 21 laws
* Sociopaths and multiple personality disorder must be barred from top leadership positions
* Repeal of fractional reserve banking and laws against usury

Food System:
* Gardening for everyone
* Water independence (fog water, wells, and atmospheric water generators)
* Boycott of GMO, fluoride, HFCS, aspartame followed by laws against poisoning the food system
* Freeganism

* Learn new skills in working with hands such in addition to traditional skills
* We need to evolve our language from a language of captors/captives to a language of free people. Language shapes perception which shapes reality.

What are your solutions?


23rd February 2011, 12:06
Thanks for your solutions! sjkted! I like your focus of going local and recovering Independence by being able to return to working with our hands.
To your ideas I would add the following, depending on these two options of scenarios:

Option A: there is a shift in consciousness that makes unnecessary a transitional period
Option B: there is a need to create a transitional period to help people adapt from the old system to the new one, by new one I donīt mean NWO, but a free society once the veils and all the crap has been removed.

Option A doesnīt need discussion as being already in a vibrational and conscious state that is in tune with the changes, then things will flow without effort as a natural consequence of being at that stage. (An hypothesis of course)

Option B: in the transitional period, I would add to your solutions, special measures to help people transit

-Psychological-therapeutical-complementary therapies: helping people release trauma from the past system and their impact in their health and emotional and spiritual well-being.
A lot of work needs to be done in this field to re-integrate the human being, to make him whole (he is whole but apparently split in many facets that need to be healed).

-History of the earth and of the past, needs to be acknowledged, and explained to all as the veils fall and information becomes more accessible, it needs to be explained and made available
with coping mechanisms for those who will be finding difficult to hear truths and can easily fall back into sleep mode or denial.dissociation ...Before starting a new society, a whole work of recapitulation from the previous world would be much beneficial for we will be in a better space to create a fresh start with minor traumas from the past if we work through the phase of recapitulation acknowledging all and then letting go of whatever holds us still in the old system.

-Introduction in the educational system of the concept : inner growth as part of the process of children growing in society...
Studying without and also studying within. this includes the highest forms of emotional intelligence and skills to help the little ones go within, reflect and be able to do their inner work and grow inwardly as they do outwardly. Learning about the nature of reality, the power of thought, the power of projection onto others of our own shadow material, taking responsability, the power of conscious choice...the importance of love, gratitude, compassion, equanimity, discernment, freedom, empathy, understanding, exploration, enquiring, self-enquiring, reflection, creativity etc...

-Spirituality: open for those willing to explore this avenue with respect for all forms of wisdom and exploration within the logical respect towards otherīs views and feelings about it. Possibility to explore spiritually in a safe &non judgmental environment free from witch hunting and ancient forms of cultism and manipulation.

We can write so much more, but these are the ones I would high line as part of a transitional period.

23rd February 2011, 12:27
Sharing Solutions for the Planetary Transformation, Excellent Idea. This is our 70% Plan, I will just post the link as there is too much information to post here.


Link to website


23rd February 2011, 16:04
Because my vision of earth's future is that iw will split into two separate earth. where which earth you end up on in decided by your vibration. above a certain point you go onto a better world.. below a certain vibration.. you get stuck in the mess we have here. Being a slave to the control group.

that said.. if you are here your chances of making it to the better world are good.i will put forths my hopes for the better world.

Economically- Humanity will just what work it does less on profit motive and return of money investment.. and give more weight to joy of doing said works, sustainability of results. Betterment of humanity . how much energy you get from something.

Groups will form pool their resources and solve problems as they develop.. instead of forming corperations and maintaining a problem to keep profits high.

People will be less protective of their "intellectual property" and put what they know out there so more people can get use out of it . People will get rewarded when the put verious ideas together that solve problems.

People will think more interm of being an earthling rather than being joe mainstreet any city any country. Peopl will be far more aware about how what they do where they are effects everyone else on the planet. there will also be very little difference in living standard around the world in a few decades. there will be far less us aginst them mentality

locally .
People will live close to where their food is grown. As we turn to farming inside structures built for it year round.. most people will do their work about close to where they live. so there will be much less traffic on streets. with 3d printing a lot of the product people use daily will be made close to where they live. Also a lot of our product consumption will move from physical thing .. to non physical things so local environment will be cleaner .. and much work locally will be cleaning what ever is messed up .

lets just say people born into the post shift world or even now . Will have less constrained thinking than we do now .. remember much work will be mental , conseptual, and creative. Rather than physically located and time based. the major shift will be from training kids to be factory worker to a total turn around of training kids they are artist. building an education system that finds and build on childrens strength and helps them grow.

I believe more people will develop empathic sensativity after the shift. which will make it harder to lie to people . Also where most crimes are committed because of money.. the fundiment change to the economy and the leveling of living standards will mean there will be much less crime.. and the crimes will be less dramatic. Remember the real bad guys will be on their own earth.

but then again this is what i believe and it only happens if the world splits into two worlds.