View Full Version : Divided and Conquered??? Let us hope not.

23rd February 2011, 13:11
Wow ... what has become of the original Camelot?

Tried something new and it was a real eye-opener. :shocked:

Ventured into Kerry's forum (lurker mode of course) :spy: and dove into the latest thread regarding Charles, Bill and Avalon in general titled:



Don't want to stir the pot but I have to honest that I am rather bewildered as to why there would seem to be such a division among like-minded people??? :noidea:

Mods have always jumped into "Kerry vs Bll" topics and reminded us that they are good friends and all is well. I suspect that is quite true.

Still ... I found this quite "enlightening" and suspect others might as well.

Maybe if we asked the Mods to MERGE WEBSITES???

Or not ... sorry ... one of those nasty "why can't we all just get along moments" :hug:

23rd February 2011, 13:15
Yes well...it seems there is A LOT of negative talk about Avalon at camelot...

Lets not make the same mistake they are.

23rd February 2011, 13:29
Céline, you're right. We are all on a same side, maybe different experiences, but the goal is more or less the same. What can Charles do to me? Well if I am bored and don't log in, this part of reality just doesn’t exist. The reason we are participating in this Avalon game is coz we want to be more informed, sharing what we see and what we do, starting to learn how to cultivate tolerance and how to love, learning how to stop to hate and be angry, because this is the right tool which unify the people.
If somebody talks bad about me, than HE/SHE has an issue, and normally with his/hers own ego details.
So, instead to spit the fire and storm on him, I just know, he has to grow, as do I.

24th February 2011, 00:20
Sorry, I have not been long with Avalon and I don't know the history, or agenda's of Bill & Kerry. I have not met either and I would not presume to judge. They have both done a huge amount of work in order to create clarity to murky waters that seem to be continuously stirred by someone or something. However, and frankly - I just don't care. What I mean is, there is so much going on, so many changes to our environment on all levels, political, social and within each of us. Charlie say's this or do that, I read/listen, try to understand and analyse as I have always done and make my own mind up - I don’t need anyone to tell me I have to take sides sooner or later - I already know and its neither of them. Its very interesting - weather aliens want to love us or to eat us, the 33 and all that - both very believable and indeed very possible. But I think there is a much bigger picture, someone created Charles, someone created the Anannuki, Reptilians, Pleiadeans and all of them. Eventually we arrive at the creator's door, enlightenment, we can be one. It started from a singular and finishes in a singular. The players in the big game do what they must, it's up to them, even if it clearly causes distraction. I applaud both Bill & Kerry equally, without them we would not be here in this moment seeking knowledge, friendship and harmony.
They, as you who reads this - are beautiful people - on a journey - for a reason and you are not alone. This is important. Plus I don't like pink, pink on a web site just doesn’t cut it for me, to girly... has to be Avalon Knight! :rolleyes:

Harmony to all - Rufs

Darla Ken Pearce
24th February 2011, 00:30
Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall see God and be my friend! xoxox

24th February 2011, 00:35
The answers and solutions are within us. Charles, Bill and Kerry can't give them to us but we can help each other find them . So quite rightly I don't care about the negative stuff just focuss on the positive :)

Dennis Jonathan
24th February 2011, 00:40
What I love about Avalon, is that a bee-hive (like this thread - no offense) is shaken and tossed in, and the immediate response is to nurse the bees back to health and rebuild thier hive.

Thanks for responding so positively to an (intentional or unintentional) provocation.

24th February 2011, 01:06
One notable, and it seems unique quality, of the Avalon forum in relation to other like forums is the quantum leap in respect our members have for the freedom of other forums to express their opinions.