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24th February 2011, 22:28
Avalonians - what brought you here?

24th February 2011, 23:29
Back in 1995 I had a job working on a small farm in the summer holidays in the south east of England whilst I was studying Engineering at university. This farm was called Avalon Farm. I spent 5 summer holidays working there. This farm used to belong to Lloyd George who was Prime minister of England between 1916 & 1922. Supposedly he used this farm to meet up with his many mistresses. This has always been my favourite job as although the money wasn't very good it was very rewarding in other ways. I loved working outside on the land, growing fuit and vegetables, driving tractors, setting up the irregation and doing sometimes some very mundane jobs but still I felt one with the earth. I felt like I was doing something important.

The next summer (1996) when I began working at the farm during the summer holidays I started to have a strange feeling that something strange was going to happen but I couldn't put my finger on it. I kept looking in the sky as if I was expecting something to happen. One day when I was picking onions of all things by myself in a field on top of a hill I heard an aircraft above me. I looked up and saw a Northrop Grumman B2 bomber circling above me so low that I could see the pilots heads. This aircraft back in 1996 was very alien looking but as I have an interest in military aircraft ever since I was young I knew what it was. It circled the field I think three times above my head before heading off. I found out later that it was doing a fly by at the world famous Farnborough Airshow (which was a few miles away) and had circled above me whilst it waited for clearance to do the fly by. Many people in the local area phoned the police as they thought that it was a UFO!

In 1998 I ended up working for the RAF as part of my Engineering Degree as a civilan. I worked for a department that studied the effects of noise & vibration on RAF personnel. During my year working for them I spent alot of time with fast jets (Tornados, Harriers and Hawks) which i loved.

When I graduated I ended up getting a fantastic job in a graduate development scheme for a big car firm based in Italy. My first posting was working for their Truck sector in Italy working in production / logistics, the next posting was working in commercial for the car sector in Paris and then I ended up working for their Tractor sector in the UK working in Manufacturing Engineering where I still work now.

During this time back in England I discovered Project Camelot which lead me here to Project Avalon.

So I started my journey driving tractors at Avalon farm, then having a personal show from a $2 Billion B2 bomber on the farm which opened my mind to UFOs etc, then working for the RAF with fast jets, Then ended up buiding the state of the art Tractors (thus helping feed the world) and being a member of the Avalon Community....


25th February 2011, 00:06
Late at Night, working the night shift as a mental-health professional whilst in college (That was fun:-)

I was researching DUMBS; in Nevada, and looking for information related to Pine Gap. I had followed Dan Burisch's info for a couple of years. At the time, Camelot was one of the only places to view his interview online. So I started coming back then. Then on to Bill Hamilton....Mr X etc.

Before that I was heavily involved in the paranormal/UFOs/Cropcircles and had founded my own research organization. All of this since I was 5 years old. The streaming interviews are what brought me to Avalon.