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26th February 2011, 09:50
this thread done by the mods or somebody willing, please should be stickied and placed here for members who have a lot on their plate or are working a lot (as i am) and want to come to a place where we can catch up quickly. i might have around 30 mins a day at the moment and most of that time is finding the right thing for me to read and soak in.
for this thread catch up can i please get the the latest charles, science, future, news and update, universe threads that are most meaningfull to the avalon forum.
i would ask helvetic for this, i know your pretty busy with your own thread.. but i know you could become very involved in this..

applying threads that are in the same catagorie should be put into the relevent post please.. this will make it soooo much easier for us half timers here :)

love love love

if your interested, i guess thank this post, seems like the best way to decide things now..
no posting just thank the post.
if we need to make a statement just follow the thread posted..