View Full Version : A focus for healing the earth

25th April 2010, 21:37
As our thought is energy,and I like many others,want to heal our wonderful planet earth.
Forgive me if a lot of you are already doing the following.
I got an image of the earth from space, and have put it as my desktop image on windows.I spend
a fair amount of time on my pc,and every time I am now looking and sending out my energy to it.
Just think how many millions of people ,focussing their energy,as they sit in front of their computer with the earth image on it ,and the effect it would have.
love and light from UK

25th April 2010, 23:12
I agree!

Intention is everything. Every night right before dozing off to sleep, I make intention through meditation, and send out healing to the Earth throughout the course of my sleep. The location varies, but the intention remains the same.