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The One
3rd March 2011, 09:33
I have sat back and looked at many post and there is a lot of bickering going on lets STOP this now

What we say to others matters especially encouragements or discouragements. People desire to separate their worlds into polarities of dark and light, ugly and beautiful, good and evil, right and wrong, inside and outside. Polarities serve us in our learning and growth, but as souls we are all.

Whatever it is that I choose, it is up to me to make it the best or the worst it can be.No matter where I go or who I am with, I am going to make it awesome.The main message i would like to get out is of the importance of saving ourselves before we try to save the world. That means taking a journey deep inside ourselves, giving ourselves a chance to learn. Mistakes and failures. We can think they do not exist,if we open our minds to the idea that any experience has something to teach us.What the world will tell us is that there is no hell or heaven that there is nothing greater to fear than ourselves.

together we can come together,together we can make it happen.together we are one.

3rd March 2011, 09:57
thank you for this thread. i think it is very befitting for the moment. and you are right: we do need to change ourselves before we can change the world. very inspiring. and i'm up for the challenge. but first i have to go too work.........yuk........
regards, corson

Ultima Thule
3rd March 2011, 10:39
The way I feel it might be important to be somewhat detached from things - not better or worse than any other way, just one way to go - is represented in these graphs:


Anyone played a rally-game against a more advanced playstationer? You try to exceed yourself, for a moment you can and then you spin uncontrollably into the woods. Try again even harder to gain the distance you lost -> hit the woods.. Graph B.

Exactly the same thing when you let yourself going up the emotional rollercoaster, oscillating far from your centerpoint. What goes up must come down -> you are destined to experience the downhill. From my POV the upper graph A is more workable, there you oscillate a little bit, for that creates balance, but remain true to your point of progress not going for the rollercoaster, raising steadily.

For the record: IMO Avalon is like Lorién in Lord of the Rings, there exists only what you brought with you, no-one else does anything to you. Bill hasn´t done anything, Charles hasn´t done anything. Charles has brought up things from our insides that always were there.

Thoughts anyone?