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3rd March 2011, 15:35
Pursuant to Florida Statute 817.234(2) (B), any person who knowingly and with intent to injure, defraud, or deceive any other forum member, or files a thread or claim containing any false, incomplete, or misleading information is guilty, and shall be immediately called out as such.

Stop the Drama! I'm/We're here because of Bill and his self-sacrificing cause. If you wish to continue the "You said, He said, She said" "Yer, an A-hole, but I love You" Inuendos.... You gotta go through Me/Us first!

May I humbley suggest that everytime someone hits the enter button, containing virulent speech, without proper pause to think about the implications of said words.. They should get a response in the form of a big bold X immediately following.

Mom said "Don't cross the street without looking both ways". Dad, said "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"
They had it right, now it's time for us to do the same.

The One
3rd March 2011, 15:41
The reason I talk to myself is that I'm the only one whose answers I accept

Garry Irwin
3rd March 2011, 15:50
Quite right Seam...
I joined the Avalon community to expand and grow, but just lately I see thread after thread of ego and back-biting.
It's really depressing to witness the forum self-destructing from within.
I fear we have been infiltrated by dark and negative forces with the intent to take us down.
It would surprise me not.
For one, I'm not taking the bait.
Love and peace x

3rd March 2011, 15:57
I agree with your idea, not a bad one at all (p.s. i love your av :)) I'm a fan of people speaking their mind in the moment, only prob is when people can't look back and realize when they've said something that doesn't really represent what they feel, and publicly address that. This is something i've made a goal of doing recently, most recently in the "worm tongue" thread. I realized i was part of the problem and apologized for all to see. wasn't easy for me but i'm trying to grow all the time. In a way, i don't want people to labor over their posts tooo much, i like things to flow more organically, just call yourself out when you get outta line i guess.
In favor of the "X" ! -As long as it doesn't make people feel stigmatized ya know?

3rd March 2011, 16:08
How about just "ignore" those posts. I do it all the time. Sure it gets hard sometimes, wading through it all but in the end, scarlet letters only make people feel isolated. Just MHO!


3rd March 2011, 16:17
How about just "ignore" those posts. I do it all the time. Sure it gets hard sometimes, wading through it all but in the end, scarlet letters only make people feel isolated. Just MHO!


You're right! My first response is to not respond... until I read Bill's remark that no one has stood up... and it made me realize that I can respond adequately w/out the blah, blah, blah...
He's backing us... so I'm backing him.... with a X

Subtle, yet firm....

3rd March 2011, 16:35
I do see your point (& thanks for the thread by the way :) ), wouldn't it be cleaner (and far fewer pages) if everyone "stood up" by "ignoring". Just a thought is all.

Again thanks and at least "X" is a suggestion to help!!


3rd March 2011, 17:07
We should instead, ask Bill if a "No thanks" button is available?
Funny thing... for every post, on the bottom lists 30% members, and 70% non members... I was one of those for years.
I guess, ignoring is still bliss.... from whence I came, shall I go...

Thanks for the Thanks

3rd March 2011, 17:19
All of a sudden I feel like Jim Belushi in AH.... "Who's with me?!" AHHHH

Malcolm Linus
3rd March 2011, 17:28
I completely agree. We have soap operas on TV for a reason. If you need a hit of drama, switch on the telly, but please, don't bring it here. I doubt it's what the founder of this forum wants.