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26th April 2010, 11:35
Hey crew! Haven't posted in a while so today I thought I would share a link to a 20 minute short film I have come back to a few times over the past couple of years.
It's French and takes the form of a 'acted' high level meeting where an Insider briefs the top heads of state about what has been going on behind the scenes regarding the 'ufo question'. He gives a hidden history touching on the nazi's work and many amazing discoveries over the years of MASSIVE ships in different locations. Some of the most amazing photos you'll have seen (and I've seen a lot!).
Two of the photos really blew me away and have stayed with me strongly. Look for them...
The first is in a white house meeting room, Bush, Rummy, Condi and others, 'conferencing' with Osama Bin Laden, sitting across at the same table!
The second. Remember the ongoing debate that raged on about what it was that actually hit the Pentagon? How half the eyewitnesses swore they saw a united airlines plane and the others surer it was some sort of missile? There's a photo here shot on the tarmac as a couple of 'grunts' (with masked out eyes), load a missile that has been painted up as an United Airlines aircraft!

Some will have no doubt seen this. What did you think?

For the others - enjoy!


Bill Ryan
26th April 2010, 11:47
Hi, All:

An interesting thread on this already exists here:


For the record, the film was made by Seb Janiak, a French graphic artist/music video director. It was a creative project that was never intended to be a misleading hoax... just a piece of very well-put together fun. It's not a real briefing.

Seb Janiak's website is here:


Many of the images - but not all - are well-done fakes. I remember I particularly enjoyed the painted cruise missile near the very end of the video (the one that hit the Pentagon!)

I was first sent the link to this quite a while back by Henry Deacon (Project Camelot insider witness) who told me that there was a LOT of truth in the video. I could believe it.

Cheers, Bill