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26th April 2010, 17:25
We live in the midst of unique and differing spiritual journeys. Each one of us utilizes teachings from varied sources to reach our spiritual goal. Almine is but one of these sources.

From Almine's web page:

Almine is endorsed and described as one of the greatest mystics of our time by world leaders and scientists alike.

In February of 2005, Almine’s body underwent a transfiguration, changing from mortal to immortal in the twinkling of an eye.

Having lived as a Toltec Nagual (a specific type of mystic dedicated to a life of impeccability and setting others free from illusion) for most of her life, her insights into cosmology and man’s role within the macrocosm are ground-breaking.

She feels it is time for people to understand that they can choose to claim mastery as their constant reality and remain functional in society.

Spiritual Journeys


Almine's Diary


The Gift of Physicality (The Ascension isn't Going Anywhere)

Starseeded lightworkers are often plagued by a vague sense of homesickness. This is in turn perpetuated by the multiple spiritual teachings that seek - in one way or another - to invalidate physicality. But these "true life is elsewhere" philosophies miss the mark. For planet Earth is the cradle of civilization, and all of Creation arose from the physical realm.


The Secret History of 2012
conversations with Almine


The Cosmic Pole Shift: Metaphysical Laws for the New Age


Conspiracy? The Real Power Behind Government


26th April 2010, 18:02
Hi snowbird, with all due respect Almine thinks she has saved the world single handed and that she has ascended the planet to the fifth dimenssion all by herself. She has such a BIG ego and her books are full of nonsensical BS

It is basically a waste of time, dead end, nothing good or new appart from ludicrous fantasies

I read most of her books because she mentioned that she was giving the formula for physical time travel, it turned out to be a hoax just to sell stuff, she gave a formula alright and said that it did not worked anymore because thing had changed :tsk::crazy: