View Full Version : Ask collective consciouness in unison to stop for one day!

5th March 2011, 01:56
Wonder if there would be an interest or much participation if we all asked the world consciouness to stop killing and warring for one day, just one day, and see how we all felt. I also realized that I had to truly learn to love my enemies, and that means even those I get in little arguements with and I feel I don't like their personality. I think this is very similar to what alot of you are writing and saying prior in January and early Feb. I also see some nay saying and doubting, because of rationale ideas and intelligence. I do it probably more than most with in my 3d world. What if everyone focused their balanced energy on a certain day certain time towards an agreed on Person Place or thing with in all of our realities. Lets do this for a given amount of time, Every day, collectivly same time. Simillar to the healing of Elva. (I think thats the right name)

thanks and peace

Darla Ken Pearce
5th March 2011, 04:05
It's a great idea ~ unfortunately, the collective consciousness has a huge representative physical body that is still running around killing and causing major destruction. Now if we could put a halt to the brutality by shutting them down, it would surely work. Hasn't the time come when we make plowshares out of weapons arrived in our consciousness yet? Let's project that idea out there ~ all together now. xoxox

5th March 2011, 04:10
Project that reality I think i could def go with.