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26th April 2010, 20:13
I have noticed something odd since the tsunami struck several years ago, but can find no mention of this phenomenon. I am an artist and perhaps more sensitive to light than most, but the light ie.sunlight strength and angle has changed since the tsunami. I know that the earthquake that caused the wave did jar the earth an infinitismal amount, but has anyone read anything at all about this? I live in North America.

26th April 2010, 22:07
Hi Liis;

Sorry to be off-topic, but...
perhaps you might be interested in a bit of "Art History".
As I can find them, I am turning Leonardo Da Vinci's notes into web pages so...

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci
Volume 1
Translated by Jean Paul Richter - 1888
Volume 1 is his treatise on art.

Chapter like:
General Introduction To The Book On Painting
Linear Perspective
Six Books On Light And Shade General Introduction.
Perspective Of Disappearance
Theory Of Colours
Perspective Of Colour And Aerial Perspective
On The Proportions And On The Movements Of The Human Figure
Botany For Painters, And Elements Of Landscape Painting

Anyway.. all for free, and worth the price,

27th April 2010, 12:05
What a great project! Have added it to my favorites and will read them as time permits.....will never have had the chance (or the time) to access these notes otherwise.