View Full Version : The Jesterking material

Dennis Jonathan
7th March 2011, 01:20
Why is he so awesome?

My theory - its the puppy.



7th March 2011, 01:30
what material

7th March 2011, 01:42
BAAAHAAHAAA!!!! I KNEW IT!!!! see I told you guys, - nobody ever listens to mister jesterking...NOW you'll listen! My psycic powers are improving! and soon I WILL RULE THE WORLD! *I was so exited I almost spelled nobody "no buddy" oh ....and you're right, the puppy does make me AWESOME-ER. He's two yrs old now, but he's still hansome as hell (gets it from me) and (dont tell the ex) I miss him more than I miss her!......ooh! just kiddin babay. He's in montana with mama, so I gotta try to be awesome without him...love ya baby boy!!!! this is the $hit dennis, you just added the "secret sauce" to my post and now its complete! thank you thank you thank you, couldnt have done it without you...EVERYONE IS JUST AS AWESOME!!......but dennis is a lil bit AWESOME-ER...

7th March 2011, 02:09
for everybody that just said out loud...."What the |= |_| ( |< ???" :confused: you're not alone