View Full Version : Tallest Buildings and Skyscrapers: common denominators?

7th March 2011, 04:35
Just for curiosity's sake, I was watched the following Cnn video which was to show building eco-housing/earthships in Haiti, but it starts out talking about "Europe's to-be tallest skyscraper in London is also eco-friendly..." and when I saw it, I thought, "OMGosh, it looks like an obelisk!"


So that prompted me to open another what-a-ma-gigger and google "Europe's tallest skyscraper" (since I couldn't fo' the life of me un'erstan' thuh name of thuh building in thuh video....notice my southern US draw)... and I came up with these picts, but the comments lead me to believe it is in St. Petersburg, not London, but it sure looks like the same thing:


So I thought, "Hmmm...what's that all about?"

So I went back and found this interesting article in the search results list:

Tallest Buildings and Skyscrapers in Europe

Interesting stuff, I think....all of the are all squares stacked up or pyramids/obelisks...depending on where they are.

I just thought I'd share this with you all...

Oh, and yes, I did go back and figure out that the journalist was saying "shard", and I did find this:


Happy NWO to you all, and nighty-night (or rather, good morning) Avalon!

7th March 2011, 05:50
wonder where they are in relation to lay lines and grid points