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7th March 2011, 22:14
John Urwin The Sixteen
John Urwin Desribes how in 1957 he was recruited into an elite hit squad in the British Military, called The Sixteen. He describes how this group fought the evils of the Illuminati, and he now makes a call for others to speak out as he is convinced we are in serious trouble, and major False Flag operations are soon to hit us.
On his final mission in 1959 he desribes how he saw two football field sized Flying saucers, of German design take off from the Jordanian desert near Jaraba, and how they recovered a secret box containing ET or holographic glass, ancient high technology, to thwart the Illuminati's plans.


John's website
'About UCS Defence'

'Urwin Combat System' (UCS) was founded by John Urwin in 1979. John entered the armed forces as an eighteen year old recruit and was soon drafted into a special operations squad known within its members as 'The Sixteen'.

We offer an unique combat system known as The "Urwin Machine".

The "Urwin Machine" is a science based solution for winning in close combat/surivival situations and enables the user to defend against any form of attack with the core gross movements of the "Urwin Machine".

John Urwin is the only known remaining member of 'The Sixteen' and along with his organization UCS Defence teaches the physical and psychological aspects that make up 'The Urwin Machine' to special operation forces.


Lord Sidious
7th March 2011, 23:55
Interesting. Thanks for that, I have to go out shortly, I will review this later.

8th March 2011, 00:46
Many thanks Circe, enjoyed your video.

He is quite an amazing man he must be 70 now, itís interesting how sharp he is. Itís also a very honest interview, when they ask him a question and he doesnít know he is just frank about it. A very credible interview I would say.

Thoroughly recommended folks..