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The One
9th March 2011, 13:56
There is a perception that a shift in human society is occurring, whether good or bad. We are either entering the Age of Aquarius or Orwell's 1984 an ecological era or maybe Huxley's Brave New World, we still face Armageddon, but if we survive, we may enter a matriarchal era, or in the end it may just be a new millennium.



The above image was taken at Loughcrew, a surprisingly sophisticated site, full of megalithic art, near Oldcastle in the Republic of Ireland, which dates from around 4000 BC, a thousand years before the Great Pyramid of Egypt. The fundamental social shift from matricentred society to our current patriarchal era took place in and around that period in human history. The relatively recent re-emergence of the power of women in society, after such a long time, is surely one of the most fundamental ongoing changes taking place in human society, and that change more than anything else marks the opening of the Third Era, and will constitute its essence.

It is to some extent understandable that the multiple changes taking place disorientate people, and also threaten those in power. Men in particular feel the pressure, and our male leaders, even those leading women who often act like men, are in many cases reacting very badly. If we are lucky, the transition will take place without total disruption of the planet, and without a fundamentalist type reversion to some more extreme form of patriarchy which would undo the progress to date. There is a sort of struggle going on to decide which road we will take. Change and uncertainty thatís for sure

9th March 2011, 14:45
We already went through a matriarchal era about 8,000 years ago,
the women were worshiped like the queen of a hive and men were used for their sperm and killed.

The next era must be balanced male/female or else it will be nothing new.