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9th March 2011, 16:55
If there is one major division in the alternative community, its this one....

The happy ending vs the unhappy ending.

All past prophesies have been giving the unhappy version. To counter this bleak collection of stories, some members of the alternative community have in revolution to this, created another set
of stories that provide a happy ending to things. God will save us. Angels will save us. ETs will save us, and now with the Blessed Unrest material, the earth will save us.

Now these two schools of thought are at war with each other, polarising the community. Which story is correct?

The big guns are on the side of the prophesies from the past, because they have been getting support from events, not only on earth (increasing natural disasters), but also for the heavens, with unprecedented changes in our heavenly region. No matter, this is challenges by the idea that we can gather together as one force and change the universe to our will. We will turn comets, send stars and planets and asteroids reeling with a combined thought.

Who is correct?

Any supporting arguments from either side?

buckminster fuller
9th March 2011, 17:12
Maybe the "ending" is not the "ending"...

John Parslow
9th March 2011, 17:19
Maybe the 'ending' is a new beginning ...

9th March 2011, 17:23
only by running the STUFF thru our hearts can we tell/ the rest is dialogue and dualism/ here is my poetic take if interested:

The path we walk a melody
Thru chords of synchrony
Soaring and riding the upwelling currents.
Endless perspectives, the same yet different
Only ever as we focus, to see
To feel, to float in the seas stillness
To find a shell by eating the world
We crack open a universe without
That mirrors the cosmos within
The codes define peripheries
They nuance possibilities
And acquaint us with states of rest.
At all places of the sphere
In all faces that are here
We are.
No two crystals the same
We return to our stars
Like we fill out our matrices
In the spaces between breaths.
We inhabit the perfect structure and form
As memory, and our out-breath
Sees through the windowed faces
To a transparency, without and within
A forum for that which is beyond the speed of light
To rest a moment as inspiration
To congeal on the canvass of infinity
And land as a bird, only to alight again.
All the totems are time, yet timeless.
They exist like constellations
Imposed on our peripheries
Excised for our delights or fears
Circumscribed on our souls as memory
And vehicles of release
All are portals of a multidimensional bonding
A chemistry of consciousness…
As all disappears in the eddy of Hunab Ku
He sings us to life
Enfolds within us a destiny to return
A journey of surrender.
In uniting, we are parted
Souls afire return to clay
To dance for a day and fly away
Assembled and disassembling
In a magnetism of matter and antimatter
The all and nothing of endless change

Maria Stade
9th March 2011, 17:31
The end of something old so something new can start to grow.

Darkness and light merging to create a new beginning !

This is a amazing time to be here.

jorr lundstrom
9th March 2011, 17:44
I got some mixed feelings, like when my mother in law went over the edge of a

cliff on my new bike. Just kidding. Everything is gonna be just fine. ;)

9th March 2011, 17:46
Who really knows???

Do you???

Physical (ice core samples etc) suggest not so good.

But is it??? End of cycle ... Mama needs a bath (seriously this time!!!).

Perhaps those that are ready for the "next level" ... go there?

Not a bad vs good outcome ... just a matter of what must be for growth of *all* parties of every kind (from minnows to planets).

Those needing a repeat lesson go "somewhere else"???

My take ... could be wrong :)

9th March 2011, 18:01
You choose and nobody else. It's not the destiny, it’s not some finished result, its molding every moment when someone choose to be afraid or to feel freedom and go up.

Collective consciousness is opening and we see it all the time.

So focus on positive, forget the negative, don't feed it, and just let them be where they are....alone.

Without us, they have no power.

And it is a beginning.

9th March 2011, 18:50
<-- favors the view that we are caught up in the dance of Shiva; the old is destroyed giving birth to the new

Game Over? perhaps this stage of the game. But there is no limit unless we choose one.

9th March 2011, 19:59
i used to tell myself, things are niether good or bad, they are what they are.
once you take yourself out of a position of balance, and into one of the two poles (positive/negative)
they have an influence on the way we act.
positivity or negativity add wieght and momentum to our intentions,
but the intention in itself is black and white balanced. niether good OR bad.
it just gets carried out in a benevolent/malevolent way in service to self or others.

in my opinion, people who are easily polarised aren't truly grounded or balanced.
which is why they are susceptible to stuff like good cop/bad cop.
in fact, i reckon that they are more prone to external influence generally.
whereas those who are grounded, and balanced, tend to wiegh up whatever they encounter,
in their own terms. they exercise their own will.

i apologise in advance icecold, i feel a rant coming on!,

in some ways, i cant believe to lengths i went to, to try and show people whats going on in the world.
but they dont want to know. they looked at me like i was mad, laughed, and then went back to what they were doing.
i made my decision to adjust my life so that i stand the best chance of not only getting through it,
but also taking steps to redress the imbalance.
ive made sacrifices. huge ones. i gave up the chance of a normal life, and bet everything i had on a leap of faith.
i wavered between feeling like i'd wasted all my time and money on the project, to being certain i was doing the right thing.
3 times along the way, the only thing that stopped me killing myself was the means.
through hardship, and struggle ive got myself to a point where i do everything for myself, and i need no one for anything.

yet when the s*it hits the fan, those same people who looked at me like i was mad, will look to me,
because i'm not as confused as they are.

the qualities i most respect in people are......

the ability to be right in the thick of something, without being carried away by it.
freewill, and a unique perspective.
consistency (just how good is your word?)
balance, empathy, and conscience.

i know i'm not perfect.
and even though ive learned much, i am a child in relation to all there is to know.

so in short (ahem)

to me, good cop or bad cop represents more of the same old dichotomy.
show me something new....


9th March 2011, 22:12
When you consider how much pain a woman goes through when she gives birth it makes you wonder how much pain the planet will tolerate while it's trying to pop out the next evolution of our species...

I'm not one for choosing sides, while they're out arguing who's right or wrong i'll be busy creating an epic reality for myself, experiencing all the joy, bliss and happiness life has to offer...so even if the world did end, at least i'd have absorbed every last bit of experience out of our time here as possible, just go out and have fun, a life lived in the beauty of the moment is carefree of whether it'll be here to enjoy it tomorrow or not.

9th March 2011, 23:10
Most likely, if we are going to save ourselves from self-inflicted extinction, we'll have to do it ourselves.

9th March 2011, 23:16
May there be more beginnings than endings

9th March 2011, 23:46
I think the either/or dichotomy is a false set of opposites. Unfortunately many insist on being tangled up in that model. There are infinite possibilities. The either/or dichotomy is a trap - one feeds on and empowers the other, thereby spinning the wheel of history as we know it. It is an engine that is deliberately stoked to perpetuate the current control paradigm. We must disentangle ourselves individually and collectively, it is my belief, to develop. Otherwise, I think we have hit the proverbial brick wall.

9th March 2011, 23:52
Beginings and endings can be viewed as the same thing...

What I can tell you without hesitation is this: nothing is what it seems:yes4:


Dennis Jonathan
9th March 2011, 23:56
Personally I resonate with the idea that the consciousness shift will affect people differently based upon their lvl of consciousness at the time of the shift.

Doesn't mean it's right, just makes sense to me.

10th March 2011, 00:06
Choose which one you want, act accordingly, and accept the results.
Rinse repeat.
Our history is pretty much based on emphasizing negative situations in order to get others to
do what we want.
Pushing positive ideas seems to bring situations to us that we like better.

10th March 2011, 00:07
There is one scenario that I like because it removes the good/bad dichotomy and replaces it with a vibrational one. Water is a good example for a vibrational analogy because it deals with excitement/frequency of a given molecule and the properties it exhibits.

So, the scenario I like is the one where a harvest or gathering occurs based on the nature or vibrational quality of ones overall emotional/spiritual nature. The 51% STO ratio is the best known example. If this idea is new for you than check out www.icheckyoursoul.com for information about this and an email address where you send your first name and he checks and sends you back your "score". You tell him nothing else.

I had checked for the first time in Dec. and got a good score. I worked on myself some more and got a better score in Feb. This confirmed for me that the man has a useful gift.

Drunavalo Melchizedek indicates a similar period in his books. It has been a few years since I read those books and I don't know if his scenario holds a view where we all get awakened and move to a higher plane.

If that is the case I like that one better because no one gets left behind. Again, I might be remembering incorrectly.

So no good or bad, those who are working on themselves get to go on the field trip and those who watch TV get to watch more TV.
(BTW this sentence is pure troll bait)

10th March 2011, 00:42
As I read through the comments a few thoughts popped into my curious little mind.

In our physical bodies here on this planet and at this time we always think in a “linear” fashion. Beginning and end. Year 1 to year 3000 . . . There is no time; there is no beginning or end. I feel our “dual” nature comes into play strongly in this human form.

Existence . . . . folds . . . . circles . . . .melds . . . it is interdimensional.

The other thought, of which, I’ve been pondering for many years. In the alternative community it seems many are afraid or fear “dying”. I read about transcending and higher conscious and evolving and most seem frantic to try to figure out how to get to these states.

There is no death . . . for any of us or for anything. . . .the energy . . . soul .. . .spirit . . . is released from this organic body back into the “fold”

To stay on topic. My vote would go toward we are in for one hell of ride the next several years. And many will “die” or the way I think . . . . will be released back to the “fold”. Many will still be here and if I am to be one that is remaining I will “remember” and feel strongly that it will be my responsibility to strive and build the New World in the way it was intended.

With each “beginning” we have gotten more right . . . because more of our souls (dna) are “remembering”

I have a bumper sticker on my truck that says” Knee deep in Shift” . . . I think I need a new one that says “Neck deep in Shift” ;)

10th March 2011, 01:00
I would have to agree with SKAWF. When you view things from a balanced perspective, there aren't any polarities. There just is.

We have had "on or off", "black or white", "good or bad" (the list goes on...) drummed into us since birth, and before.

This creates a very limited view of our reality.

It has been a very effective tool in the controlling of our society.

People are gradually becoming aware that this programming goes against their natural, fluid state of mind.

Things are not just one thing or the other.
There are an infite amount of frequencies in between.

The measure has been mans way of giving dimension to his reality.
But it has also stopped him from viewing the picture as a whole.

I believe that this is changing, as more and more people are waking up.


(I won't go further into this now if you don't mind as it is getting late)

Love and Truth,


10th March 2011, 07:03
I'm sitting on the fence here. I don't claim that there should be a dichotomy.

That's just how it looks and is being played out throughout the community.

But calling for oneness of thought won't work.

Because the division is fundamentally created by a fear of the future.

One view is acceptance, the other view is denial.

Which is which? lol

10th March 2011, 08:31
i thought this guy had a good idea :rolleyes:

10th March 2011, 10:04
The happy ending vs the unhappy ending.

All past prophesies have been giving the unhappy version. To counter this bleak collection of stories, some members of the alternative community have in revolution to this, created another set
of stories that provide a happy ending to things. God will save us. Angels will save us. ETs will save us, and now with the Blessed Unrest material, the earth will save us.

Who is correct?

In my opinion, looking at the big picture and concluding either a "we're doomed anyway" or a "we'll be saved anyway" mentality gives birth to close-mindedness and complacency. Neither view is correct nor should be focused on.

Contemplating the fate of human kind should come with open-mindedness and only after a day of 'living in the moment' to make the world a better place.

You know:

Double check behind you to see if you can hold the door open for someone.

Instead of trashing your leftover Mcdonald's, offer it to the guy with a sign on the street corner.

Offer to help your neighbor fix their PC problems.

Review your kid's homework and teach them a life lesson or three.

When you overhear a conversation in public about a certain television program, politely walk over and ask, "excuse me, I'm sorry to butt in, but can you please help me out? What is this 'dancing with the stars' I hear everyone talking about?" After they explain it, politely say something like, "Oh, I thought it meant trying to better oneself and the world, so that we can fulfill our potential destiny of exploring other worlds and dancing joyously in another solar system after we help others out there face their own growing pains". Wink, turn around and leave. They'll blow it off as some strange encounter they'll forget about, until it happens again next week :D


Stuff like that.

I am preaching (though mostly to myself), so please accept my apologies, if necessary.


10th March 2011, 12:46
I think that it is very much up to us.

If everything when broken down is just vibrating energy which is in turn affected by our thoughts and emotions, then we decide.

If we believe in the unhappy ending and live in fear then that is exactly what out global consciousness will create. Our fear will make us greedy and selfish and we will continue to distroy our planet and one another.

If on the other hand enough people believe that mankind can wake up and switch to service to others, then that is the reality we will create.
Once that happens our behavour and life on this planet will be transformed rapidly. Once we begin to work together in mutual service we can achieve so much.

I do not think that God, angels, or ETs are going to save us. We must save ourselves.
Together we can deal with natural changes taking place. If we put our energy into constrctive projects rather than war.

We will turn comets, send stars and planets and asteroids reeling with a combined thought.

Yes I do think that this is possible. We are only just beginning to realise the power our thoughts. I do think that positive global consciousness can achieve anything.

10th March 2011, 12:47
Review your kid's homework and teach them a life lesson or three.

Twenty years after working as a temp at the Medical Research Council Department of Molecular Biology, I was fascinated to see that my step-daughter was learning in high school things that I had learned at the MRC!