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Dennis Jonathan
9th March 2011, 17:08
Looked up this morning on the way in and saw this:





Really odd looking.

Sorry about the formatting, posting from my phone.

Ruby L.
9th March 2011, 17:46
Wow, Dennis. I wonder what that could be and what caused it? Can't say I've ever seen anything like it before.

I'm especially intrigued by the second picture. Looks like God accidentally smudged the clouds. The last picture looks like a UFO skidded through it.

Thanks for sharing!

Dennis Jonathan
9th March 2011, 17:53
I agree. Its all pretty odd looking, but that cigar shaped cut out in the second picture struck me as particularly out of place.

Didnt think about the skipping, lol. It does look like that!

9th March 2011, 18:03
that is very strange cloud cover.....looks like footsteps too me. very interesting. thanks for posting Dennis Jonathan.
warmest regards, corson

i just noticed the smudge in the second photo. kinda looks like it's been smudged on purpose. like a picture.

Ruby L.
9th March 2011, 18:14
Was just looking around-- I wonder if the cigar shaped one (and perhaps the others) could be FallStreak Holes? (Also called Hole Punch clouds.)


From www.holepunchclouds.com (http://www.holepunchclouds.com/) (with other pics):

Hole Punch clouds (Punch Hole Clouds) and Fallstreak hole clouds are variations and stages of the amazing weather phenomenon that creates holes in the clouds.

Hole Punch clouds and Fallstreak hole clouds are so strange when seen in the sky that they are also known as UFO clouds, sky holes, sky circles, cloud circles and crop circle clouds.

Some more info on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallstreak_hole)

9th March 2011, 18:23
Clearly technology (of some sort) is being used by someone (or something) and that can no longer be denied (unless you belong to the sleeping masses who are most definitely *not* reading this thread).

Many people have gathered the samples of trace elements left on the ground ... not good.

Who knows what makes these sorts of patterns or holes in the natural cloud cover?

Darla Ken Pearce
9th March 2011, 18:28
Wow. Dennis, thanks for sharing ~ I moved to Idaho from the wilds of San Jose and lived there for over twenty years! Neat cloud formations. These are motherships with the odd cigar shaped craft skidding into the vista. Not quite uncloaked yet but getting there.

Not to worry ~ we are under Divine (Protective) Intervention and all will be made clear soon. So wonderful, we will be seeing the most amazing cloud coverings and it is a show of force with the power of love~! Everyone should be watching the skies. Another Celestial manifestation will also appear soon. To feel this protection within your body and personage ~ there is an invocation available. Let me know if you would like to receive it ~ nevermind, on second thought ~ I am posting it here for anyone who would like this assurance ~ it will come in handy for the days ahead just on a personal reassurance level ~ you are protected whether you know it or not. And so it is... ; ) xoxox ~ Thanks for sharing San Jose! Your grid of love anchor is up and in good working order.


9th March 2011, 18:33
Hi Dennis,

I've been getting weird skies here in Marin also, but not as weird as yours. Thanks for posting your pictures.

I'm wondering if some kind of signal from the Hamilton complex could be doing this in your sky. Lots of satellite tracking and experimental stuff there. Plus the blue cube is there and who knows what that is being used for nowadays. Just speculatin'.



9th March 2011, 18:52
i wish i had a camera, it broke but here we have very strange looking clouds in las vegas it looks like a wave went through them .

9th March 2011, 19:05
someone should try and see on google cloud coverage and if there's anything interesting looking i cant because of the browser i have

Dennis Jonathan
9th March 2011, 19:15
A few more from this morning.

Uploads are slow from the phone:



9th March 2011, 19:48
Directed energy weapons make "hole punch "clouds. Of course you will never find "real" documentation of that in mainstream media. but if you google directed energy weapons, like on google images, you can pretty much see various types, and how they are used. Straight away you can visualize how the hole punch cloud would occur. of course, mainstream has some lame explanation for it, just like all those fish dying in mass because of cold temperatures. lol

Dennis Jonathan
9th March 2011, 21:30
lol ya. My BS detector was off the charts when I heard that.

"So why have a million sardines died like this?"
"well, the wind caused them to swim into the channel, and then they used up all the oxygen in the water and drowned"


Dennis Jonathan
10th March 2011, 17:14
Last night:



This morning:




11th March 2011, 09:34
IMO the "cigar-shaped" cloud is typical of a roll cloud, indicative of severe turbulence in the vicinity, usually due to an approaching cold front. This heavier air mass slides under the lighter warmer air, causing roll clouds at the interface similar to rolling a stick of plasticine or dough between your palms.

Dennis Jonathan
3rd January 2013, 19:14
Nothing to see here.

Please keep looking down.


Darla Ken Pearce
3rd January 2013, 20:55
Well, these look very much like chemtrails! Sorry but I will have to change my opinion with these new developments... In fact, one of the planes that disburses chemtrails crashed in California although it's been a while since I read about that one. May these attempts to poison people end soon....