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14th March 2011, 20:38
I was pondering a few days ago, what an impact on my life, the Charles Interview has had, and how sad it is that some still feel Bill was used, or worse yet, some dark motivation...and how some have been complaining how they've been caught up in what they perceive to be a negative event in their lives, and than it struck me...

How would people have felt if Bill had NOT shared this with us??

Yes, it's been difficult, and we've had to stretch our minds...in some cases question our stereotypical concepts about certain things......or we've found ourselves staunchly defending our beliefs, and thereby stretching our mental muscles, and that's HARD WORK...

But really, aren't we all way better for having had this experience?

So "Yeahhh" to Bill, and the great courage he showed in putting himself out there, for our sake, NOT his.

(Really. Think about this. How would you have felt if a few months down the pike, you'd have found out that Bill had met and communicated with this (in)famous man, and HE'D NOT TOLD ANYONE.)

Thank you Bill, from the back of my brain, and the bottom of my heart.

15th March 2011, 05:00
Thank you Slvrfx, I agree with you 100%. I have been thinking along the same lines as you since I joined three weeks ago. Firstly I thought that any possible contact with the hidden elite was worth pursuing, and I would have looked at Bill's decision not to share this information as CENSORSHIP. God knows, dont we have enough of that in our lives. It was an extremely brave and honourable decision, by an extremely brave and honourable man. I was shocked at all the criticism he received, and the rivalry that it created. We were all given the chance to absorb the information, and form our own opinions. Bill Ryan showed the utmost respect for the members, and though he may have had some reservations about Charles, he trusted that people would use discernment. I followed the whole saga as a guest, and it was because I respected this man so much that I asked to be considered for membership.

15th March 2011, 05:44
bill to me goes well beyond being a stand up guy, with all his work words dont do him justice.

15th March 2011, 07:59
I feel if I can't at least listen to 'Atticus' then what am I doing asking for a better world? Could I walk a mile in his shoes? Probably not and someone had to make the sacrifice to experience those energetic patterns. There are Saints who have lived dark lives we just don't hear much about them. Thanks Bill! myrm

15th March 2011, 08:33
It was the discovery of the Charles materials that brought me here. Regardless of what I think of the Charles material I am greatful for meating all of you wonderful people who has given me so much and made me feel welcome and at home. I love Bill for giving me (and others) this opportunity. Bill does something special, not just with the Charles material but with everything.

15th March 2011, 08:36
Absolutely agree.

Im sure Bill had his reservations about Charles from the first contact but was brave and open enough to share the material with us. As with everything, ultimately, it is the individual whos perogative it is to make their own mind up, and without people like Bill putting themselves out there to make contact and bring forward the message of individuals, no learning at all would be possible.

Thanks Bill for your open mindedness and non judjemental approach.

15th March 2011, 08:37
I feel if I can't at least listen to 'Atticus' then what am I doing asking for a better world? Could I walk a mile in his shoes? Probably not and someone had to make the sacrifice to experience those energetic patterns. There are Saints who have lived dark lives we just don't hear much about them. Thanks Bill! myrm

Hi Myrm - when you say saints are you literally meaning saints who are made saints by the catholic church, or are you meaning spiritully evolved people?

15th March 2011, 09:30
I definitely thank bill for bringing us all together.. though some good ones have left too.. but i guess we were meant to have them here for a short time.. they had a mission for themselves to do..
But i believe charles has unfinished business here (of the positive kind i mean, not to come back and answer to things that have lead many to believe he is falsified) but to come back and finish his devotion to bill and us of divulging information that we are quite ready for..
I would personnaly love to see you back here charles so we can get your second wave of information.. great minds have alwaays been here and many more in waiting and it took you for them to show up and contribute.. Got to love that..
Mammoth thread or not you know there is a place here for you.

15th March 2011, 10:58
I have a point of view Id like to share. It comes from a "lifestyle" of an underground nature, one that I am no longer affiliated with. The principles however you DO NOT forget, rules of respect that I feel have been lost especially by our youth. I learn from my mistakes and pull the good from the bad, in that way there is no bad, just a medium on its way to a "well done" But its like they say "you can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you cant take the ghetto out of the boy"

I was taught that the man in charge is in charge for a reason, its not by accident, and its not my "place" to question that man. That "place" is earned, and held by few, and they know better than to ever question him in front of others. How a real Father should be respected. (mothers too!)

This is not a dictatorship, a "council" discusses matters but ultimately orders come from one place. This eliminates confusion, discourages the ignorant or inexperienced from acting on impulse, or taking direction from somebody with ulterior motives.

If something goes wrong you have only one direction to look to find the person responsible. He will let you know if and what will be done to fix it, has the resources to do so, and the integrity that guarantees results.

If you think the boss is slipping, you dont dare express that thought to anyone prematurely, you will do your homework and be absolutely positive before opening your mouth. Each word spoken in accusations, assumptions, gossip, etc. are like axe chops on a tree, and you're in the treehouse. Nobody trusts a treehouse in a chopped up tree.

When someone is introduced, especially if introduced by the boss, that someone is given the same respect you would give the person doing the introduction. Any issues with that someone are discussed privately with your associate first, not directly to that person. This allows conflicts to be addressed by friends first, strangers are quick to battle for pride instead of principle.

If Bill tells me Charles is Jesus, Ill say "pleezed ta meecha mister jeeezus" and if somethings seems fishy Ill give it a looooooong hard thought. Then Ill pretend Im Bills attorney and its my job to convince the jury that charles IS jesus. When Im done buildin my case and Ive failed to convince myself, I can at least say I gave Bill the benefit of the doubt... thats the LEAST he deserves.

Bill built Avalon.(think about it......a lil more....lil more.......AHA! "yeah, its kind of a big deal") We are all guests in Bills house. Sure we'd all like to decorate our rooms or re-arrange the furniture, move breakfast to noon, play our music really loud because "I know everybody loves this song as much as I do they just dont know it yet!"

Stand around pointing and adjusting our manhood while we tell folks how we woulda done it or whats wrong with the way its done. But really those are behaviors once considered rude.

Think about all the disrespectful things some people do while in somebody elses house and then compare it to avalon...it kinda humbled me a lil.

I took off my shoes, went back to the bathroom and wiped the pee drops on the toilet with some t.p. and put the seat down, ADDED some beers TO the fridge, took out the trash (without being asked) and left this lil note for the host and fellow guests.

Im trying to express the power of TRUE LOYALTY, where you slap the mouths of those who speak any ill words of your friends. Someone accuses a friend and you DEFEND them as if it were you, without question. Refuse to listen to negativity.

.....and before you try to tell me why Im wrong, try to tell yourself why Im right.

or not. you're still awesome.

David Dean
15th March 2011, 14:54
I'm sorry if I'm upsetting any of you here, but I would just like Bill Ryan (himself) to confirm that MMS is a MIRACLE cure. I have 25 litres of Sodium Chlorite, plus the other ingredients and equipment to make a awful lot of Miracle cure that would help many sick people here in Thailand.

I am quite capable of measuring the amounts with the necessary equipment to make all these different remedies. Or has Bill been sucked in like many other people?

I'm sorry to sound so ungrateful, it's just that, if it is such a Miracle cure, I'd like to continue using it myself and maybe help other people. Please don't point me to any other threads on these forums. If Bill isn't sure, then can he please get confirmation from Jim Humble (http://www.themiraclemineralsupplement.com/) for me. I'd also like to know if it is safe for water purification purposes.

Kind regards
David Dean

15th March 2011, 19:12
One of the qualities I appreciate and admire about Bill Ryan, is how much he demonstrates his trust in us. I think for Bill to have done anything else would have been tantamount to him saying that he didn't trust us to handle it.

Thank you Bill.

Most people I know, most leaders I know, would not have been able to withstand the pressure to step in and manage, or over control, the dynamic situation going on in the Charles Material related threads. This takes an enormous amount of trust in the people around you, to do this.

People often questioned Bill's discernment, and wisdom, in trusting Charles. But, those same people seem to take for granted Bill's wisdom, and discernment, in trusting us. The man has intestinal fortitude,"character", as my father would say. I think some here would say "He's got grapes."

I'm not so certain I could have done the same as him, the pressure was quite intense. I have learned much from Bill's gracious behavior during this time. As, well as from so many other people, gracious, and ungracious, positive models, and negative models.

I'm much more confident in myself from having been in the experience. I trust myself more. To me, the tremendous gains are still ongoing....

This is one of those moments in our lives, whether we realise this or not, that becomes catalytic in defining ourselves.

This is a gift to me, the opportunity to grow in this measure, with the quality of souls present in this community, using material that challenges me deeply. So, slvrfx, thanks for starting this thread, and giving us space to appreciate Bill, each other, and ourselves.

It seems to me that Bill believed in us, even when we didn't. I find the feeling is mutual, and feel good calling Bill a friend.