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16th March 2011, 00:00
I've just seen the movie RANGO (trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH8xW8mF-AI), and I must say that I am very impressed. I love how much symbolism and real issue referenses there is in it too.


The mayor is taking advantage of the people's need for something to believe in, so he creates his own belief system, with the cross symbol, and gives the people just a bit of the precious water every wednesday. But in reallity, he controlls the water that exists in abundance. Much of the movie is about Rango searching for the water, and sometime finds only an empty bottle, or demons and lucid dreams, as he walks alone in the desert. In the end he is shown where the water is by the "Spirit of the west", and some kind of guiding pilgrim (my favourite!), and soon everyone can drink how much they want. It destroys the old stuctures and the old controlling people disappear.

What do you think the water stands for? Truth? Spirual freedom? That pilgrim figure says in the beginning: "If you want to find water, you must first find dirt", an interesting point I think. Then it happened that the towns name was "Dirt", where his quest for water began.

Another interesting figure is the rattlesnake. What is your thoughts on him? I found him as somewhat honest person, even though he followed his own moralic standards. But he is much needed in Rangos discovering of truth and so on.


What are your thoughts? Cheers!

The HoppyBunny
16th March 2011, 03:03
thanks for your thoughts on this. I was insulted by the media frenzy demising the movie saying "parents think the film is inadequate for children" "You shouldn't take you child to see this". But. "Flying up" was a pretty depressing movie even if it had its funny birdie movements, it was a serious movie,especially for kids. (just look at the beginning) but i didn't see any hype about it from parents, or even about "Happy feet" with the ghetto fabulous sexual innuendo's from the Penguins. I can't think of other movies just yet...but i promise you. THEIR ARE MORE. They hit on Rango like IT was A DISEASE FOR CHILDREN THEY SHOULD AVOID "Says parents" or something, do you have any ideas as to why they might think this? Anyways just thought i would share my opinion on this. Am still going to watch the movie!!! =P


Parents are incredulously appetizing to their happy meal kids i suppose.