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16th March 2011, 19:44
A New Theory Regarding Humanity's Evolution Toward Self-Healing

I have been doing a lot of research lately regarding bloodlines, especially the RH factor. I do not know why I've felt the STRONG urge to research and share this information, except that I now have a theory that relates Indigo/Crystal Children, RH- bloodtypes, and the evolution and enlightenment of our society to heal ourselves.

I have had the urge to read constantly, but never finish a book. It's like I'm looking for little pieces of information here and there. For so long I wasn't sure why this was happening and was getting frustrated because I couldn't put everything together. I've recently developed this theory based on the information I've compiled. I could be completely wrong, but I do think there is quite a bit of evidence supporting my thoughts. I will be very interested to know what you all think.

First of all, one night at 2 AM I was sitting with my sick son and had the sudden urge to start researching my heritage. Somehow, I ended up researching the RH factor in bloodlines (sometimes I think the fact that I come across information online or in books is not by chance-like I'm being guided). Since that night I haven't been able to get it out of my mind and have spend hours upon hours researching the absence of the RH factor, RH-. There are four important pieces of information that I discovered that are of great importance to my theory.
1. People with RH-blood-types ALMOST never contract AIDs.
2. People who once had RH+ blood-types have found that, when tested again, they had RH-. It seems that their blood mutated or changed.
3. People with RH- blood-types have a very good immune system and rarely get sick.
4. They aren't exactly sure where RH- blood-types originated from. They can trace RH+ blood-types to the Rhesus monkey, but can't trace RH- blood to a monkey.

I am currently reading The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek (Great book!). He discusses the fact that the AIDs epidemic is "perhaps the single most important event in the world today," because of the huge number of people that have the virus. He also shared information regarding two children studied by the ULCA were born with AIDS and somewhere between the ages of 1 and 5, the virus completely disappeared. He claims, "This young boy did not have human DNA," and "They now believe that 55 million children and adults are no longer human, by DNA definition." AIDS has dropped off by 47% as of 1997 and by much more since then. He goes on to say:

"Further, in Cracking the Code by Jeffrey Satinover, when they ran the word "AIDS" into the code, they found all the usual associated words. They saw the words "in the blood", "death," "annihilation," "in the form of a virus," "the immunity," "the HIV," and many more. However, there were certain other words that did not make sense to those researchers but that only now can be understood in the light of the previous information. They found the words, "the end to all diseases."

I believe, from what I've studied, that a large percentage of indigo/crystal children have or will have (since our RH factor is shown to change) the RH- factor in their blood, thus the inability to get AIDS, or the ability to heal from AIDS. I think this is a big biological link to our annihilation of the disease and many others. I believe this is the evolution that is related to the shift that is occurring. Humans are evolving in ways in our physical bodies and through our spirituality to heal all areas of our lives.

I'm very interested to find out who of you out there know what their blood-types are and if you've had your blood tested lately. If so, has the RH factor changed? Again, I may be completely off-base here, but I'm interested to know this communities' opinion.

PS. My blood-type is A- and I am in Indigo Child. I have almost all of
the commonly known qualities of both and have been told many times that I am Indigo child.