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Jan Rodrigo
28th April 2010, 21:26
The Great Division Part 2

I have just spent the weekend in nature with a close friend where we discussed quite a few subjects and then I realised what was going on in this point in time with myself and others, for I feel we are in continuous change towards balance. For me Iíve just managed to find a new job, I had a recognition that I had to spend a lot of time after work in complete silence without any outside influence. This gave me the opportunity to communicate with my true self. Also, I had the feeling as well as being told that I had to work with one foot in and one foot out of reality to avoid getting stressed which is quite difficult as being a chef is a very stressful job Ė lol Ė but this is the reason why I got the job to teach me a lesson. So this gave me the understanding of what is going on.

Anyway, lets get into the division. Do you sometimes feel that youíre banging your head against a brick wall with some people and with others you just canít be the same anymore? With others who just donít understand where you are coming from, it gets frustrating to think the people who are claiming to be spiritual really just donít understand or practice what they preach and you feel that what you truly know is so easy to understand how could anyone not get it. Not being horrible, but sometimes you just give and donít understand where they are coming from and Iím sure we have all run into spiritual people who we just donít get. I was even thinking some of these people will never get it Ė well that is true with some but Iím feeling itís not as severe as it seems Ė all is how it should be.

Then on a different level you will meet people who you almost donít have to talk to, where your energies just seem to mix. Itís as if you have known each other forever. You agree on almost everything and you discus what is going on in other peopleís heads who donít get what you talk about and feel so strong about - how can they not get it? Itís so simple. Sometimes these people who you meet or talk to are closer to you and you understand them better than your own family! lol. Well, my feelings are showing me that the division at this point in time is between people who operate more from different chakras, i.e. you get people who operate more from the higher chakras and people who operated more from the lower chakras. I mean, there can also be balance here but Iím sure if we were all completely balanced, we would not be here. This is what the shift is about, bringing complete balance on a 3D level and conscious level. If you like, the people who operate from different chakras are there to bring balance into each otherís reality for without complete balance harmonious life could not exist.

At some point and slowly we will learn to all be completely balanced through lessons that are being thrown into life but it has happened in a balanced way. We are all meant to get each other and thereís a lesson here too which Iím hoping youíre getting more of an understanding from reading this. For me, I operate from the heart more and have been learning to be more in the top chakras to create balance and it has been difficult but only when I donít keep balance. I would just like to say that there seems to be untold lessons everywhere to speed up balance so if there is something not quite right in you or in your life or you just donít get or understand someone or something, then there is a lesson for you to create more balance within you. There is also a bit of a division going on with people who believe in the same things but just donít quite mix on an energy level in a balanced way. You may find you are pulling away from people and drawn to others that youíre not normally drawn to or they come to you out of the blue but this is for your benefit at this time. Also this division is an illusion in its own rights for you cannot have a division in oneness but itís hard to put things into words.

I would love to hear any experiences in this area on what has happened to some of you. God, I hope Iím not alone on this one. Lol. Take care all and my loveJan

28th April 2010, 22:09
Yes Jan, True friends and true friendships, do not have to be 'worked at'. They just are, cos both are coming from their soul level, their place of purity, of clarity and clear thinking. Ones who are walking the talk (being it) and not just talking the talk, are becoming more and more obvious now. Spiritually aware people are open, honest, and they apply their spiritual Selves in all of the aspects of their lives, not just when they 'feel' like it. Emotional turmoil are the "veils" that prevent our clear connection to the promptings of our spiritual Selves. When events overwhelm us and we get stressed and angry we cut off spiritual guidance at a time when we most need it. The time is "now" to "apply" our spiritual training, not just talk about it!