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The One
22nd March 2011, 12:21
Anybody remember this back in May 2001 I wonder what happened.

The first blueprints for extending the internet to other worlds have just been published.

One of the fathers of the internet, Vinton Cerf, is leading the ambitious project to build an interplanetary internet and says that the first extra-terrestrial messages could be sent between Earth and Mars as soon as 2003.Within the next two years we will be ready to put these ideas to the test in a mission to Mars, Cerf told New Scientist. NASA plans to launch two missions to Mars in 2003 and these could carry the first building blocks of an interplanetary internet the Mars Express satellite and the Mars Exploration Rovers.

The design has been outlined in a document known as a Request for Comments (RFC) called Interplanetary Internet: Architectural Definition and published by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The IETF consists of expert working groups, which develop new internet standards. RFCs play a crucial role in the development of open standards for computer communications and interoperability.

There are already some companies investigating the potential of an extraterrestrial internet. SkyCorp, a Hunstville, Alabama-based company, has signed an agreement with NASA and plans to launch the world's first orbiting web server capable of hosting thousands of sites towards the end of this year that was back in 2001 retired to orbit i guess


22nd March 2011, 13:05
That will give cyberspace an entirely new meaning. I wonder what they will have to do to IPV6 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPv6) to take care of all the new addresses required? On the other hand, when Skype joins up, ET will be able to phone home.