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21st February 2010, 23:34
Everything is falling neatly and precisely into place in these last few moments before full consciousness envelops you. You are to experience joyous wonder way beyond your ability to imagine, as you make your way out of the illusion, of a strength and intensity so powerful, permanently, that you will be aware of nothing else. That is always the divine Will for you, and so that is what will enfold you — and you will desire only that. You have no other needs, and none will present themselves to you.

As you sink joyfully into Reality, the soothing balm of your Father's exquisite energy in perfect synergy with your own will wrap you in an eternal loving caress, bringing you undreamt-of ecstasy and peace.

You are all on your way home — there are no obstacles in your path and your arrival is assured. As you arrive, a huge crowd of your loved ones will be there to greet you, lift you on high, and carry you forward to the magnificent celebratory banquet that has been prepared for you. The banqueting hall is superlatively decorated, overflowing with stunning waves of light, and filled with music that will lift your hearts to levels of enchantment that are quite beyond your present abilities to conceive of in any meaningful way.

Your journey has been grim, arduous, at times terrifying, and seemingly interminable. But the end is in sight — your loved ones are waiting to greet you and shower you with clouds of gloriously fragrant petals in myriad colours, radiant in the heavenly light that is to envelope you in its gracious and exalting embrace. This is the moment for which you have been longing — the moment which at times has appeared to be nothing but a mirage that you had insanely imagined might possibly come to be, but dared not believe in for fear of the stifling disappointment you would suffer if the "fantasy" dissolved as you approached.

The unreality, in which you appear to have been living so painfully for so long, had almost convinced you that Heaven was but a vision you were trying to imagine into being, to relieve and place a limit on the miserable experiences of which your lives consist. But that is unreality — and it is about to dissolve.

As it fades away, it will be as though it had never been, and the truth is that it never was, and never could have been, because all that exists is the divine Reality of infinite bliss. You have been asleep for but an instant — an instant that has seemed interminable, due to the hair-raising creations you made with which to frighten yourselves.

And you most certainly did frighten yourselves! — but that apparently inescapable realm of misery and fear is about to disintegrate. Your awakening is guaranteed, unavoidable, a certainty. The Creator created you to live in supreme happiness, so nothing else is possible. The outcome is assured and has been since before you fell asleep. To waken into joy is your divine destiny — and it is about to be achieved.

With so very much love, Saul.


20th March 2010, 16:27

Space wraps around my being

Body fades, spirit soars anew

I fly Home.

Love intertwines in my soul

Heart beats, directing the path

I find home

Music fills all my senses

Familiar touch to each note

I am home.

From the deepest of my heart... Thank you.

THE eXchanger
20th March 2010, 17:10
You can NOT walk in Love, and, walk in fear, at the same time.

Always know, you will always, and, in all ways, be in the right place,
at the right time.

You are the sum total, of all choices, you have ever made,
and/or allowed others to make for you.

You are a part of the collective consciousness,
whether or NOT, you are totally aware of it, you are part of it.

You have within you, an intense force, and, a strength of power,
that you can tap into, just utilising 'your will' as 'the way'
which is, why, we have always said...

Will it, to be, so, it will be, and, so, it is...

Know your needs, discard your wants, and, step into your desire...
it truly is desire, that, will always, and, in all ways set you 'on fire'....
we have always believed, that, when you are in the process of finding your way home,
it is important, to look, at where you are, as, already being in heaven...
allow your energy - it's colour, frequency, light, sound, tone, and, vibration, thru the triad/trine/trinity of ether
to come back into its real eXistence, and, its real reason for its eXistence.

Know you NEVER walk alone ~ for you have a higher self/essence/and, monad
~and, it is there, just waiting, for you to reach up/and, to touch into it.

It is thru, the pivot of "the now", that you forget that connection.
- you are the one, who is creating it...
each of us, are connected in unity - we are all creators !!!

Ask/Ask/Ask to awaken - there is really NO way, to avoid this,
so choose to step into all of this.


1st April 2010, 17:20
I have been having a problem with this for a while now. Through my own OBE's, and spiritual guidance, ascension means leaving the physical body (death) and continuing on through our light bodies (soul).

Yes, we are on our way home, after having the human experience. Our new home will be of our own making, depending on our own spiritual development here on earth.

There are many dimensions once we leave this body. Most of these dimension seem like schools for the soul, as most souls require more knowledge before they can reach their next dimension that brings them closer to source.

So, when I hear these messages I have to wonder, are they skipping the part that we all must die first, before we are home? Yes, all our loved ones will be waiting, but only after we have left our bodies for good. Only then, I believe, can we continue our eternal life.

I have no fear of death, as it is a natural transition. This is the big truth they have been trying to hide all along.

Would love to hear feedback on this.

love & light