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24th March 2011, 18:08
NaturalNews) Given the rapidity with which critical global events are unfolding, preparedness just makes good sense. The question isn't whether or not to be prepared - it's what to be prepared for? Earthquakes, nuclear accidents, tsunamis, power outages and gasoline shortages have been on this week's menu. Each, of course, has its own specific type of preparedness protocols. But, no matter what kind of unexpected event looms large, there is always a need for food. Food shortages could result from any of the aforementioned potential scenarios, as well as from any number of scenarios that I haven't mentioned. There are any number of ways to approach food shortage preparedness, but my preferred method is sprouts! Sprouts are, in my mind, the number one, perfect survival ration. I think that sprouting seeds belong in every household's emergency kit. Let's look at some of the reasons that I think this.

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24th March 2011, 22:39
Here's a useful pdf on the "how to's" of sprouts:


27th March 2011, 14:56
sprouts are only safe if you have sufficient clean water to produce them with

9th June 2011, 03:24
I'm not endorsing, just a few sites to browse...

I've been sprouting at home for a year now, it's easy and the best bang for your buck nutrition

9th June 2011, 03:31
Sure, a lot of highly nutritious food can be produced in a few days but you need to renew your seed supply in order to continue growing sprouts.

14th June 2011, 14:36
I would think that a alfalfa patch would good for sustenance and survival. You can get seeds from it to sprout in the winter, you can dry the greens for tea or capsules or compressed pills and it grows back year after year.... also good for fertilizing the garden and its a high source of protien for animals.

24th June 2011, 16:59
Wheat grass is very good too...