View Full Version : US government leaked ufo videos never before seen footage

25th March 2011, 23:25

I'm not sure about the "never seen footage" bit, alot of these look familiar,

but still a powerful video ( IMO).

25th March 2011, 23:39
hmmmm... now i look deeper at this, I'm not to sure about intention behind this clip.
Here is thier website..


It's all very slick, even "over produced".

What are others thoughts on this??

26th March 2011, 00:06
it seems like an advertising to point out the sites work. Its just a collection of old and new info that are out there nothing new just a recap of some of the things that are out there already.

i wont see it negatively till a see something to point in that direction atm its just another site.

26th March 2011, 00:44
Thanks, Astrid.


There are two lies in that title. The first is that most of the footage did NOT come from the US government. The second is that the footage has never been seen before. Most has already been posted on YouTube.

The video is probably worth saving and keeping for showing to your friends who are only just beginning to realize the extent of the cover-up. But there is no attempt at commentary or detail and it reeks of sensationalism - Niternat (a play on "internat(ional)") even exceeded the comment length in an effort to promote their website.

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This could be a trailer for the next "Battle: Los Angeles" type movie. There seem to be a lot more of this kind (such as The Orion Conspiracy) appearing, as the entrepreneurs jump on the 2012 bandwagon.