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26th March 2011, 03:47
Hey there, hope this hasn't been posted before. Here goes.....

"Big Brother is Reading your Emails
the government is tapping your phone calls, reading your emails . the NSA copying everything on the internet - your emails, web traffic, VOIP phone calls? Yep - check out this story:
"AT&T whistleblower: I was forced to connect 'big brother machine'
"A former technician at AT&T, who alleges that the telecom forwards virtually all of its internet traffic into a "secret room" to facilitate government spying, says the whole operation reminds him of something out of Orwell's 1984."

This is scary stuff that we probably all know but did you know to this extent...?:jaw:


27th March 2011, 00:18
Thanks Henners for posting this YouTube video.

It has been extracted from a longer video titled Watch Out, which is the first of four videos produced in 2009, collectively titled Last Call for Freedom.


Last Call for Freedom is a four part video series. I used various clips from television programs, along with news clips and joined them together to create this documentary.
The first video Watch Out is about government surveillance including the use of cameras, tapping phone calls, reading emails, and creating databases of everything about you. RFID: Total Control is the second video and it's about how every product that you buy in the future will have a computer chip in it. The video shows the process of RFID technology being put into place worldwide and how it will be used for total control. This leads into the third film where the RFID technology is used in microchips that are implanted in the flesh of humans. This video also covers the topic of creating new humans through technology. Part four of this documentary has various Hollywood movie clips that bring parts 1-3 together giving examples how movies show us the future and what is planned for us.

Part 1- Watch Out
Part 2- RFID: Total Control
Part 3: Microchipping us to Slavery
Part 4: Showing us the Future


Each video except the fourth is approximately 180 Mb and there are working RapidShare links to each at the site.

The only parent site that matches is


This has links to a number of home-made videos on YouTube and Google Video which are donationware. However, I could not find the above four videos on it. The first page of videos lastcallforfreedom.com was not working at the time; perhaps these videos were on it. An interesting site to bookmark for further whistleblower-type videos, although some of these seem slightly dated now.