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1st May 2010, 17:56
David IMO has gone back over to the side of security services by now claiming to be 'the messiah'. It's standard intel ploy (when a whistlebloyer has done too much and is crossing the line regarding info), he has to start declaring himself mad by his behaviour and pronouncements. I was in Nice a few months back and spoke at length to another ex M16 agent over a few beers and he more or less told me that Shaylar has been ordered in from the cold.

"What he and his 'partner' Annie are back in England after they both claimed to be living in France and targeted by British police during their absence in the past few years. What is strange is how Shayler, after being so quiet has come back more outspoken (and weird) than ever before. Shayler has seemed to have gone out of his way to make himself look crazy, it is without a doubt discrediting all of his information involving MI5 and MI6, this is how things in the secret service work. Once you are apart of the intelligence community you are always apart of it, people may go with a big lie program all their life. "

Simple breakdown here..


Deeper version


David Shayler, transvestite MI5 spy-turned Jesus Christ, faces eviction from squat

David Shayler, the transvestite former MI5 spy who believes he is a reincarnation of Jesus Christ, is facing forcible eviction from a 17th Century farmhouse he has been living in as a squat.

By John Bingham
Published: 1:22PM BST 12 Aug 2009
David Shayler, Transvestite MI5 spy-turned Jesus Christ, faces eviction from squat
David Shayler at his eviction from squat Photo: EDDIE MULHOLLAND

The one-time whistleblower, who uses the name Dolores Kane, has been living in the National Trust-owned Hackhurst Farm in Surrey as part of a small new age commune for the past six weeks.

But they are set to be removed after a judge agreed to a request for a possession order from the trust on Wednesday.

The 10-strong group, who have been occupying the house near the commuter village of Abinger Hammer in the North Downs since late June after being evicted from another empty farmhouse nearby, say they will barricade themselves inside as part of a plan of passive resistance.

In a hearing lasting just four minutes at Guildford County Court Judge Robert Reid QC nodded his ascent to the application which was brought against persons unknown.

Glancing along a row of empty seats the judge decided to proceed without Mr Shayler and his fellow squatters, remarking: "This particular lot of trespassers usually make themselves fairly well known if they are going to turn up."

Although bailiffs were expected to arrive within the next few days to serve an eviction notice, it is thought likely that the process could take several weeks.

Speaking outside the farmhouse, about five miles from Guildford, Mr Shayler, barefoot but wearing men's clothing, said that his right to stay in the property rested on his belief that he is a reincarnation of Jesus Christ."


Be safe, be clever.


1st May 2010, 18:02
Maybe they have "activated" something in his brain?

1st May 2010, 18:06
Shayler on radio giving vent to all his new configurations...


1st May 2010, 18:10
Maybe they have "activated" something in his brain?

Not sure he had a 'sleeper' posture, otherwise I'd agree with you. I have a similar feeling about Icke (who is close to the next level) and thus now in greatest danger.