View Full Version : They Live - the movie

2nd May 2010, 03:24
Here is the movie David Icke recommended on his interview:

2nd May 2010, 05:54
wow, lots of truth in this film , its really a wake up movie, thanks for sharing, peace

Jacqui D
2nd May 2010, 07:21
Good way of introducing someone to the truth.
This film is an oldie i watched this way back but says it the way it is, thanks horizon for the link.

Victoria Tintagel
2nd May 2010, 08:46
Thanks HORIZONS, for this movie-link, it's a typical seventies film, similar to the atmosphere of the musicals Hair en Time. And the film One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, with Jack Nicholson as the rebellious psychiatric patient. These days it seems that for many people the awakening process induces fear, because of the ignorance and hypnotic state of "waiting for the outside world to improve or make things better" No matter if it's within a religious context or not. Eckhart Tolle has a beautiful view on the present state of consciousness in his You Tube lecture "The Power of Now" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPJUPqmYL7w
Namaste and have a great day!

2nd May 2010, 09:13
Excellent movie. I watched that a while back and was set with my mouth wide open.