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2nd May 2010, 22:10
I recently read David Ickes’s Newsletter (http://www.rense.com/general90/time.htm) David Icke On Time Speeding Up

Let me first say that I have a great respect for David and this is in no way a rebuttal or attack on the idea that time is speeding up. I feel it too. I have no doubts that we are experiencing a quickening as a species and humanity as a whole is going through incredible changes.

On the other hand the skeptical portion of myself, that is trying to see this "speeding up" in an objective way, is having some trouble doing so. I have not really done a fact finding expedition or statistical analysis on this because I feel that if such things were being noticed in this 3d reality it would be of such a shocking nature that would have made some news and the 3D facts would have presented themselves.

For instance the Olympic Games just finished up not too long ago. Do we have any data that shows that people are now having trouble beating records based on time speeding up? If we are having trouble fitting what we USED to be able to do in a 24 hour day then how come we are not seeing it effect such things like the Olympic games, how long it takes you to drive to work, or how many cars can make it through a traffic light before it changes based on a time span?

Is there any evidence that it is actually taking longer to get from point A to point B because time is changing. Are there any measurable deviations present we can see as a 3D phenomenon. As Hoagland would say: is this a physics that can be measured? Is it objective and affecting everyone at the same rate or is this a subjective phenomenon effecting us all differently? Is it really “time” that is undergoing a shift or is it our perception that is undergoing a shift, which effects how we see time?

I also cannot ignore that space and time are inexorably linked together, so if time is changing does this also mean that space is changing with it allowing the 3D reality to change with it as well, thus negating our ability to see this in any measurable way?

If it is only our perception of time that is shifting could it be the same for everyone. Science has demonstrated (http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cutting-edge-leadership/201004/why-time-goes-faster-you-get-older) the connection between how fast time seems to pass based on how long we have been alive as well as what we do with our time. Are the baby boomers (or more) who are now creeping into their 50s effecting the mass conscious field of the planet that is in turn effecting us all in regards to how we see time?

So what do you folks think?

2nd May 2010, 22:59
Isn't Time itself the illusion rather than the prospect of it speeding up? Isn't it a social construct?

Others lifeforms (plants, animals, etc.) certainly don't use it. Only humans.

3rd May 2010, 00:40
Because all there ever is is right now, the speed of time is always a matter of perception. If you are doing something involved you enjoy then time speeds up. If you are doing something boring then it slows down. So yes, the speeding up of time is an illusion and so is time itself.

3rd May 2010, 01:10
I am reminded of what Bob Dean said in which he explained how fundamental and basic our understand of time really is. So I cant simply disregard time as a non-existent entity in itself, a self reinforcing delusion that has no place in the grand scheme of things. Optical illusions are our eyes mis-interpreting an underlying reality which creates the illusion, so there is a reality underneath the illusion. If you take the squiggly lines away in an optical illusion...the illusion disappears as well. So if time is an illusion...there is probably an underlying reality that we are mis-interpreting that creates this illusion we call time. And I believe that THIS is what is changing in some way.