View Full Version : samvado is in the mists - has he been banned?

Vidya Moksha
3rd May 2010, 07:27
Did samvado fall on his sword or was he banned?

I hope he wasnt banned.

Whilst lacking social skills his posts had value, i believe.

what happened? mods?

denis m
3rd May 2010, 07:36
to be honest sams posts depress me.sorry

3rd May 2010, 07:37
I suspect the basic needs of life have finally caught up with him... :unsure:

3rd May 2010, 07:48
Ok all.....This thread is hereby closed due to lack of respect......We would appreciate that the community at large have some respect for others instead of trying to mirror gossip columns........We Mods are working to keep this forum pleasant for all........we would appreciate tactful questions instead of posting threads of such nature as this......Pls use better judgement and watch the energies that each of you send out.......all members deserve respect!

Thank you!