View Full Version : 1st Degree Tracing Board and the 3 Big Religions.

3rd May 2010, 19:47
It just occured to me, maybe there's nothing in it, but just thinking about the symbol of Islam's Crescent moon, a legacy of the Moon God that used to be worshipped by Mohammed's people ...that maybe that symbol was kept in opposition to the Christian 'Solar Deity' on the Cross of the Zodiac?
Then I realised, Judaism has the 'Star' of David...
So then, all the basic celestial phenomena are covered by the three Abrahamic religon's symbols; Sun, Moon and Stars...
Hang on, the Masonic 1st Degree tracing board has those three as well, and very much follows in the 'Abrahamic' tradition itself... hmmm.
:confused: :faint2: ;)